Remarriage Never And Go Away Chapter 538

Chapter 538

Don’t Push Your Luck Who was still in the mood to eat? The waiter had gone out and closed the door.

Joseph looked at ease, “Let’s eat.

We’ll go our separate ways after this meal. Claude was furious.

Who would be in the mood to eat in this situation? He didn’t leave any room for maneuvering and even threatened them.

He had no other choices.

How could he go back on his words? Moreover, Ñ.Övel.Ë.book it was him who wanted to terminate the cooperation, normally, he should pay the liquidated damages.

However, the Collins Group took the initiative to do that, he had no other choices! TheCollins family!! Good for you! Claude doesn’t mean to pick up the chopsticks at all.

If they really ate with them, wouldn’t they be more humiliated? Their daughter had been abandoned by them, and their White family wouldsoon become the laughing stock of the world.

Should they sit here and eat with them nicely? Claude took a breath, tried his best to suppress his anger and said, clenching his teeth,Mr.Collins, this is too much. Joseph immediately looked at him with a confused look, “Why do you mean? I agreed to yourrequest and even made compensation.

Now you are blaming us?” Claude blushed with anger.

After holding it back for a long time, he said, “You came here well-prepared, didn’t you?” Newell smiled, “Mr. White, these two children are never right for each other.

Their relationship is based on nothing.

They could be together just because Jordy felt indebted to Angela.

If he doesn’t feel that way anymore, how do you think their marriage should last?” “You…

You…” Claude’s heart trembled with anger.

He never expected that Newell, a hypocritical asshole, would be so blunt.

This was enough to prove that they were very eager to call off the engagement! Angela was crying pitifully.

She had forgotten everything and looked at Jordy’s cold face with flusters, “Jordy, you are really…

going to dump me? Jordy only had a sarcastic smile in his eyes.

He didn’t answer.

Angela was like humiliating herself.

Patter! Her heart seemed to be broken and flusters filled her eyes.

She shook her head in agony, “Why…

Why are you doing this to me… Her eyes were full of pain and sadness.

Jordy lost his appetite.

He got up and said, I have something else to do.

Enjoy your meal.” With that, he left directly.

“Jordy!” Angela shouted hysterically.

She got up and quickly ran after Jordy.

“Angela!” Ñ.Övel.Ë.book Claude was worried, but he couldn’t leave now.

Martha frowned, but she was motionless in her seat.

Angela hurried out as tears running down her face.

Jordy, don’t go, please… She suddenly stretched out her hand to grab him, but…

before she could touch him, Jordy dodged, and he didn’t hide the disgust in his eyes.

“Angela, I’ve been enough merciful to you.

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