Remarriage Never And Go Away Chapter 301

Chapter 301 A Damned Woman

Jonathan sighed helplessly and said softly, “Gloria, sometimes I don’t want to put too much pressure on you, but if I don’t say or do anything, I won’t have the chance to fight for it.”

Gloria pursed her lips. She suddenly regretted it. This man would not tell her the truth, so it was pointless to ask him the question.

Just as she curved her lips and wanted to say something, Jonathan said something again.

“There is still a long way to go. You can wait and see whether I am your Mr. Right.”

His voice was very soft, but it was very penetrating, causing Gloria to freeze for a moment.

The next moment, she smiled and said, “Mr. Brown, stop making fun of me.”

At the same time, Jordy had been working overtime in the company and had just signed the last document.

He rubbed his glabella and leaned against the back of the chair. When he saw the mobile phone on the table, he slowly picked it up and logged onto his Twitter, which he had not posted for so long.

When he saw first place on trending, he instantly turned livid!

Jonathan and Gloria had a meal together.

Moreover, they had booked the entire hot pot restaurant.

Many passers-by were taking photos outside.

He could see the gentle smile on Jonathan’s face in the photo, as well as Gloria’s slender back.

Jordy’s face turned darker and darker. Why didn’t he know that this woman was so cheap in the past?

She couldn’t cooperate with me, so she immediately turned to Jonathan!

Such a damned woman!

Jordy looked extremely gloomy.

The next moment, he took out his phone and called Harold.

“Mr. Collins.”

“Tell Gloria to come to me in the office. Tell her that if she can’t make it in half an hour, then in the future, she will have no more chance to talk to me about any cooperation! Tell her exactly what I said! Right now!”

Harold was stunned for a moment. He didn’t expect Mr. Collins to be so irascible at the moment.

After a moment of surprise, he replied, “Okay.”

At that moment, the discussion between Gloria and Jonathan came to an end. She said directly, “Since Mr. Brown needs to think about it, then I will wait for your good news.”

Jonathan didn’t show the emotional changes much.

Finally, he sighed, “All right, I’ll send you home.”

“I can handle it.”

“Gloria, if you keep distancing yourself from me like this, it will be boring.”

Gloria paused for a moment, but before she could speak, her cell phone suddenly rang. Seeing that it was Harold, she immediately looked at Jonathan and said, “Mr. Brown, I still have something to deal with. See you next time.”

After that, she took the lead to pick up her bag, and then she walked out.

Jonathan did not get up but just stared at her back. If he was not mistaken, the call should be from…

He looked extremely gloomy.

By the time Gloria arrived at the entrance, she had already picked up the call.

“Mr. Ross.”

“Miss White, Mr. Collins has been working overtime today. He said that he will only wait for you in the office for half an hour. Otherwise, you won’t have any other chance to cooperate with him


Harold’s voice sounded a little helpless, but as a worker, he could only follow the boss’s instructions.

Gloria furrowed her brows slightly, unable to understand Jordy’s capricious personality. She said directly, “Alright, I’ll head over now.”

It was already too late to retrieve the plan at home. She had a copy on her phone, so she would show

it to him when it was time.

Gloria turned back to look at Jonathan, who was slowly coming out of the restaurant, and she felt guilty, “Sorry, I’ll go first.”

After that, she went to the roadside to hail a taxi. .

However, before she could get in the taxi, Jonathan suddenly grabbed her arm.

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