Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 988

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 988

“I know I’m sensitive, but if you really want to blame someone, it’s not my fault…“

“You’re spewing nonsense! “

Anne was instantly infuriated at Fiona’s words. “ You’re lying! “ Since when did she say that Fiona had no place in Joshua’s heart? She only warned Fiona to be careful lest they find evidence of her faking her illness when she was in a rage.

Then, Fiona immediately rushed over to pick up the knife.

At that moment, Anne and John thought that Fiona was aggravated by that, so she wanted to murder them. That was why John went to stop her.

All of a sudden, Fiona did a complete 18o. She twisted their words, changing what they said!

Anne glared at Fiona. Her eyes were filled with rage.

“I never once mentioned Joshua! Whether Joshua has you in his heart or whether you could match up to Luna is none of my bloody business! “

Joshua furrowed his brows upon Anne’s crude remarks.

“Then, what did you say just now?“

Anxious, Anne immediately spoke what she thought of, “I asked Fiona to be more polite to Luna, or we’d find evidence of her faking her illness! “

The atmosphere was instantly silenced upon Anne’s words. Joshua looked at Anne with a darkened expression. Then, he looked at Luna.

“Is this what you tell your friends?“

Anne and Fiona barely crossed paths. The only common denominator was Luna.

Therefore, what Anne said about Fiona faking her illness must have come from Luna.

Luna was stunned. She secretly clenched her fists tightly. At that moment, she did not have solid proof to prove that Fiona was faking her illness. At that moment, if she were to go up against Joshua, that would mean letting Fiona know that she was investigating this matter.

However, if she did not say anything, perhaps Fiona might think that this was only Anne’s thoughts.

Thus, Luna remained silent.

Seeing how Luna said nothing, Fiona was secretly delighted. A sense of delight flashed across her eyes. Then, she buried herself in Joshua’s arms, crying even more violently.

“Joshua, did you hear what she said? What does it mean, I ‘m faking my illness? If I could be healthy, who wouldn’t want to be healthy? Who’d fake their terminal illness on this earth? To fake that they only had a year left to live?“

Then, Fiona pretended as if her illness was about to flare up. Her breath was short, and her body went limp.

Joshua swept a glance at Luna, then at Anne. He wanted to say something when he suddenly felt that something was wrong with Fiona in his arms.

He lowered his head and looked at Fiona’s pale face, her eyes shut tight. His heart skipped a beat.

Her illness must have flared up due to the provocations from Anne!

“If anything were to happen to Fiona, I’ll never forgive all of you!” He spat out coldly, carried Fiona u p, and stormed off.

Luna stood in the same spot, looking at Joshua carrying Fiona away silently.

In the end, she noticed Joshua placing Fiona in the backseat. Then, he went around to the car to the driver’s seat.

She also saw that someone secretly threw something into the car through the window from outside.

A fair slender hand accepted the item.

Luna sneered. Was Fiona not in the backseat? Did she not pass out? Why could she still accept things?

What a medical miracle.

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