Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1978

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1978

Luna did not notice the change in Samuel’s face. Instead, she exhaled and continued, “We saw the people inside the video, so we wanted to ask you how you got your hands on these videos and…who the man named Star is.”

Luna had lived at Quinn Mansion for six years and, at one point, been close to Malcolm, but despite that, she never heard of anyone who went by the name Star.

According to the video, Star would have been in his mid-forties at present day, and he appeared to have been the mastermind of Lucy’s torture and death.

Even though the man in the video who looked identical to Christopher had tormented Lucy cruelly, he turned submissive and obedient as soon as Star appeared.

That man was Rosalyn’s classmate and Christopher’s father, Larry.

If Rosalyn had awoken from her coma, they would be able to find out Star’s true identity.

However, since Rosalyn was unable to answer their doubts, Luna had no choice but to seek the answers from Samuel.

Samuel furrowed his brows when he heard Luna describe the scenes in the videos. He let out a n exhale and turned his head away from Luna and Joshua to avoid their searching gazes. “I don’t know.”

“How can you not know?” Luna let out an exhale and immediately told him everything about what she and Joshua had hypothesized. “You claim that these rings were left behind by Lucy, but they weren’t at all!

“I’m a professional jewelry designer, and judging from the way these chips were implanted in the gemstone, I can confidently say that they were embedded within them even before the rings were melded.

“However, by the time these videos were ready, Lucy was already dead! How could she possibly have implanted these chips into the jade rings if she’s dead?

“You must’ve been the one who did all these, weren’t you, Father Samuel?”

Luna stared at Samuel’s bald, shiny head and enunciated carefully, “The reason you did this, and even gave one of the rings to Jim as a remembrance of his mother’s passing-was so that one day, someone would be able to crack the mystery of Lucy’s death, wasn’t it?

“Well, now that Joshua and I have found out the truth, we can’t possibly ignore all this, but now, you’re saying that you don’t know anything.

“Father Samuel, as a priest, you’re not supposed to go against your conscience, so are you sure you don’t know anything? Can you swear in the name of God?”

Luna’s questions were cold and sharp.

Samuel’s hand, which was holding his cross, froze upon hearing this.

A split second later, he turned to stare coldly at Joshua and Luna. “You’re right. I know everything about what happened, but I choose not to say it.”

He lowered his head to glance at Luna and said frostily, “When I gave you the ring, I had indeed hoped you’d crack the mystery, and I had given it as a gift for you and Joshua, but a year has already gone by, Luna. You took a year to get to the bottom of the mystery, and it’s too late.”

With that, he sighed and added, “Regardless, I still have to thank you for sending Malcolm here to find me.

“If he had not come to me for help, I never would’ve been able to make it up to him, to be the father I never was.”

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