Punished By His Love Chapter 97

Punished by His Love

Punished By His Love Chapter 97-Suzi: “…” She didn’t know what to explain to Arron. She knew that the Lin family must have arranged this game beforehand, waiting for her to jump in.

She couldn’t argue.

Besides, even if she argued, Arron would not believe her.

Suzi stopped in a daze, without saying a word.

“If Lanita and Lin’s family make any mistakes in the future, I don’t mind one more life on my hand, and I will make your death very painful!” Arron relentlessly gave Suzi such a sentence and finished. He hugged Lanita and left.

Suzi’s heart suddenly shrank into a ball.

She knew he was not just talking.

She has seen how he handles his opponents and enemies. He is an extreme man who can warm to the extreme, or go to hell.

And he did what he said, never hesitating.

Suzi glanced at Arron subconsciously. Arron was walking towards Fu Hengsheng with one arm around Lanita.

Lanita’s head rested on his shoulders, and her eyes looked at Suzi, giving Suzi a brilliant smile.

That smile is extremely wanton.

When she turned around again, Lanita’s changed eyes looked at Fu Hengsheng with tears and humiliation: “Fu, old man, hello.” “Grandpa, this is my fiancee, Lanita.” Arron’s tone was plain.

It was so plain that everyone in the Fu family could perceive that he took this girl named Lanita to the old man. He didn’t let the old man give him a check, but just let him know that he had a fiancée.

Arron’s attitude is very clear. Whether you agree or not, the woman he wants to marry must be married.

Whoever disagrees is superfluous.

Fu Hengsheng: “…” He really doesn’t like this kind of little boy, he is arrogant, has a charming and flattering look. What he can’t figure out is, why does his grandson fancy such a woman? Seeing the woman’s flickering and panic expression, Fu Hengsheng could see that this girl must be of a low birth.

“Whose daughter are you!” Fu Hengsheng asked Lanita in disgust.

“I…Lanita drilled into Arron’s arms again, I…I didn’t mean it, I can take the child in my stomach and fly away, and never come back to disturb the Fourth Young Master. , I…I’m leaving now, sorry.” Fu Hengsheng: “…Why, you are pregnant with Arron’s seed?” Lanita’s face turned red immediately, and she turned her head away shyly: “I…I am already from the Fourth Young Master.” “Whose daughter are you!” Fu Hengsheng rebuked unceremoniously.

“Lin…Lin’s family.” “Which Lin family! What does your family do!” The old man had never heard of the Lin family in Nancheng, so he was naturally unhappy in his heart.

Grandson wants to choose his fiancée by himself. He can’t do anything about it, but he can’t do it anymore, and he can’t choose a family with no background at all, right?

Do you get another woman who is not good enough to come back to Fu’s house?

The old man is going to be angry.

“Do… do some trade.” In terms of family history, the Lin family really can’t make a deal in front of the Fu family. The Fu family has hundreds of billions of capital, and the industry is spread all over the world.

However, Jarod’s assets have survived seventy to eighty million, and it is still the result of relying on the Fu family for several years, receiving small second-hand orders, and making a difference. If it weren’t for this time, Arron thought It was Lanita who saved his life, and the Lin family had long been eradicated by Arron.

With a net worth of tens of millions, it is nothing in Nancheng.

No wonder Mr. Fu didn’t catch Lanita in the corner of his eyes.

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