Punished By His Love Chapter 85

Punished by His Love

Punished By His Love Chapter 85-Suzi’s eyes clearly lit up.

That’s the latest and highest-end laptop designed specifically for drawing. It’s so light, thin, and so beautiful. How could she not like it?

It’s just that laptops are more luxury products than cameras. At least, she has no plans to purchase laptops for the past six months, the past year, or even the past two years.

“Hi… Hi… I like it.” Suzi, who has always been cold and frosty, couldn’t calm down anymore. Before she finished a word, she began to swallow wildly.

Really disappointed.

Suzi scratched his head subconsciously, and couldn’t help but pursed his lips and smiled: “Am I a bit stupid?” Arron: “…” He has never seen her like this. She is truly like a twenty-year-old girl, stupid, sweet, and she smiles like a fool. Little baby.

The man did not answer, but pushed the laptop in front of Suzi: “Take it away.” He got up and left.

He was wearing a bathrobe, and Suzi could see that he should have just taken a bath, so he was probably sitting here waiting for her. His hair is not as meticulous as it used to be, straight and hard and scary.

His hair now hangs down naturally, soft and fluffy, hanging on his forehead, covering his half-fcuked brows and the never-bottom black eyes, making him not as cold and hard as usual.

Suzi remembered that just five hours ago, he had put one arm around her, covered her eyes and ears with his palm, and reached out the window with the other hand, using the coldest weapon to kill a person.

At this moment, she was not afraid of him.

Suddenly she lowered her head, smiled lightly, and then said in a slightly mischievous tone: “You look like this, so cute.” After speaking, Suzi ran into his bedroom holding the notebook.

The remaining man was stunned by himself. Fierce?

Arron stood there for a while, then took out his mobile phone and dialed a set of phone numbers. The other end was quickly connected: “Siye, Miss Shen has already gone upstairs.” “What does fierce mean?” the man asked.

Christopher: “Huh?” “Today’s 20-year-old girl, how to describe a man with fierceness?” Christopher: “…Um, Lord, is it the second louder or the third one?” Arron thought for a while: “Second voice, raise the voice. Is this something special? It’s more fierce, more fierce?” What he actually thought was that she was present when he was dealing with those people on the road in the mountains today. , Is that why she described him like that?

Christopher: “Cough…cough cough, that lord, you… are you, you…” “What the hell!” the man asked impatiently.

“Moe, um, that… just means cute.” Arron: “…” ‘Pop! ‘The phone hangs up.

“Master?” Christopher’s limbs trembled in fright at the other end.

Arron pushed the door into his living room, looked left and right in front of the full-length mirror, and finally said to himself: “Is this cute?” Then, stay in bed and go to sleep.

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