Punished By His Love Chapter 84

Punished by His Love

Punished By His Love Chapter 84-Moira on the side also hated her hideous face. She raised her arm and hit her husband on the shoulder: “Jarod, didn’t you talk to her yesterday?” Jarod looked gloomy, his eyes hated him so much that he couldn’t kill Suzi with his eyes: “I found it, this evil obstacle actually challenged me. It seems that she has Arron to support her, and her wings are getting harder and harder!” “If you hold that woman in your hand, Suzi will have to kneel for us!” Moira gritted her teeth and asked Jarod: “You paid such a high price for a private detective to investigate the whereabouts of that woman.

, Do you have eyebrows now?” Jarod sighed: “Eh…” He didn’t answer, but Moira and Lanita could hear from Jarod’s tone, there should be no hope.

Seeing the hatred of his wife and daughter, Jarod felt guilty and angry: “I must find that woman. No matter how much I spend, I must find that woman, but before I find that woman, We must save ourselves first, and Lanita must marry Arron and be the wife of the most powerful man in the entire cloud city, must!” Lanita wiped a tear: “Dad…” “Good girl, dad find a way!” Jarod’s vicious eyes glared at Suzi.

From afar, Suzi, who tried on the women’s clothing counter, couldn’t help being cold-hearted.

“What’s the matter?” Arron asked.

“Maybe this dress is too thin. It’s almost winter now. I am wearing a bit cold and it’s not suitable.” Suzi said warmly. After speaking, she looked at the pile of handbags at the counter, and continued: “All There are already ten or twenty sets. Don’t buy it. Buying is a waste.” Since childhood, Suzi has never been so extravagant. He bought so many clothes at once, and every one of them is a luxury item. Suzi has a sense of wasteful shame in his heart.

“If you don’t have what you like, don’t buy it,” the man said.

“I have enough.” “Go home.” The man said briefly.

The man did not carry so many handbags, nor did Suzi, because the man is a super VIP here, and someone in the mall will deliver it to the door.

After leaving the mall, the man didn’t get in the car again, but said to Christopher: “You take her home and I will go to the company to handle affairs.” He said that he was dealing with affairs, but he was actually going to the company to deal with those who had been dealt with by strict lenient. Christopher knew it well, and he nodded.

Arron got in another car and drove away. Christopher said to Suzi, “Madam, let’s go home.” “That…” Suzi asked with a smile: “Assistant Yan, that I…can you send me to the company to work overtime? I…” In fact, she originally planned to go to the hospital to see Aunt Xia first, and then return to the company to work overtime, because her colleagues assigned her too much chores, she did chores only during the day, and the director gave her the artwork, but there was no artwork. Time to draw.

She can also take it home and draw by hand, but if it is too slow, she will be seen by Arron.

There is a computer in the company, so she wants to work overtime in the company.

“No problem,” Christopher said.

This evening, Suzi worked overtime in the company very late. Working on the computer was much better than manual work. Suzi was almost selfless at work. He waited until he was finished and saw it.

It was eleven o’clock in the night.

She immediately grabbed the bag and left the company, Christopher was still waiting for her.

When I got home, it was almost twelve o’clock at night.

As soon as I walked through the hallway, I saw the man sitting in the living room in a nightgown, with a pink laptop in front of him.

“Come and take a look, do you like it?” the man said.

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