Punished By His Love Chapter 78

Punished by His Love

Punished By His Love Chapter 78-Suzi didn’t answer, just bowed his head and continued to eat his own meal.

The tendons on the sweet potato have not been divided yet, so she continues to divide while eating.

“You love sweet potatoes so much?” Joan asked.

“Well, because it’s sweet.” Suzi said.

“Is it that sweet? It’s not chocolate! Bring it over and let the master taste it. If the master finds that you lie to me, I will deal with you on the spot!” Joan grabbed the lunch box in Suzi’s hand and the chopsticks in Suzi’s hand. Regardless of whether it was in the open air or the place was full of dust, one chopstick picked up a piece of sweet potato and stuffed it into his mouth.

Suzi: “…” She stared at Joan blankly.

Joan ate one piece and another piece. After eating, he froze for a while: “D*mn, I didn’t expect the food on this construction site to be so fragrant, this sweet potato is so delicious, sweet, fragrant, sandy and glutinous.” His expression is exaggerated and vulgar.

Suzi laughed.

The smile is very sweet, the kind of smile that oozes from the heart to the outside.

Joan was taken aback, and frowned slightly.

He hadn’t seen Suzi smile, and the most he saw was her face with plain expression and indifferent forbidden bath. Even if she occasionally saw her smile, it was only shallow and polite.

But this time is different. This time she laughed very openly, and her smile was as if… Joan frowned and rolled his eyes quickly, and he thought of the sound of spring water ding-dong.

Suzi’s sweet smile is like the ding-dong sound of a clear spring in a mountain stream.

There is a clean childishness in the crispness.

Joan suddenly thought that she had just turned twenty, four years younger than him.

This afternoon, Suzi did not return to the company. Because Joan ate her box lunch, she took her to the restaurant again and ordered a table of good dishes. She didn’t move her chopsticks much, but listened to Joan’s nonsense quietly.

Even if Joan spoke vulgar words, cursed people, and said rampant words, Su He felt nothing.

She still listened.

At 5 o’clock in the afternoon, Joan sent Suzi to the door of the hospital where Shanna was shrinking.

The soil girl fooled away.

When Suzi walked into the ward alone, he saw that Arron was also in the ward, feeding his mother bites of fish porridge freshly simmered in a casserole.

“Arron, why did you come earlier than me today? Let me feed my mom.” From morning till now, Suzi is in a good mood today.

Arron handed the bowls and chopsticks to Suzi, and Suzi fed Shanna bite by bite, and Shanna cheerfully said with every bite: “Eh, if Mom’s life could be longer, how good would it be? ?” “Mom, you will live a long life.” Suzi gave Shanna another sip: “But you can eat more. Only by eating more can you be good. If you are good, you can live a long life.” “Hey, mom listens to you, mom eat more.” Shanna, who knew that he was dead soon, was also happy with something.

Arron on the side said, “I have eaten for mom, and I will take you to buy some clothes.” “What?” Suzi didn’t expect to look at Arron with an expression.

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