Punished By His Love Chapter 77

Punished by His Love

Punished By His Love Chapter 77-Joan’s strong arms hugged her down, and then landed on the ground, with a wicked smile still on his face: “Just because I said at the cruise ship meeting that you want to hook up with Shu Shao, and you have no righteousness on the cruise ship. Save you, you hate me?” Suzi: “I don’t have one.” She really didn’t.

What is her relationship with Joan?

Why hate others? Suzi is a transparent person who can think about everything.

“Tu Niu! I tell you, you just got into the eyes of the money that day, and you rushed to let people play with you. No one can save you. If I save you, I have to talk to the rich man in Nancheng. Miss is an enemy. No one can save you except my cousin Arron. Besides, it’s a game. Since you agreed to Walton, they also paid for it, so you have nothing to feel wronged.” Joan said mercilessly on Suzi’s face.

Suzi said in a flat tone again: “Mr. Ling, I really don’t hate you.” “Then why did you carry such a big bag of things, walked awkwardly, and couldn’t get on the last bus, but you didn’t call me to let me see you off?” Joan asked rhetorically.

Suzi: “…” “Did I tell you, what will happen to me in the future?” Joan’s tone was domineering.

Suzi lowered his head. novelbin She didn’t know what to say. With her eloquence, she couldn’t tell Joan, and she didn’t want to care about Joan’s strong words and slurs. Joan’s strong words and slurs were all because of fun and a whim.

And Suzi, just remember that this man is still the one who helped her.

“Get in the car!” Joan commanded domineeringly.

“Yeah.” Suzi obediently got into Joan’s car.

The car drove all the way to the south of the city. Along the way, Joan just screamed at this song like a wolf howling, and then screamed at the song, did not answer to Suzi, did he look through the rearview mirror? Suzi glanced. Every time, Suzi would smile at him.

Joan smiled calmly, and said in his heart: Finally he will laugh.

This is progress.

I don’t believe that you can’t be attacked!

The harder it is to break, the more interesting it is.

When they arrived at the construction site, Joan turned around and drove away. Suzi picked up the large package of samples and distributed them to the builders of each building’s wiring. After the distribution was completed, it was already a little bit after noon. Up.

Suzi glanced at the canteen on the construction site. Most of the construction workers had eaten it. She simply bought a portion in the canteen and sat on a freshly-built park flowerbed outside the construction team to eat a boxed lunch.

The amount of boxed meals on the construction site is large, and the dishes are also good.

Two meats and two vegetarians are only ten yuan. Especially in the material, there is actually a boiled sweet potato.

The sweet potatoes are white, sweet, and sand noodles. Suzi likes to eat this kind of sweet potatoes.

There are still a lot of these sweet potatoes in the canteen. When the rice was served, the auntie gave her more , Now sitting on the flower bed and eating boiled sweet potatoes, Suzi also feels relish.

There were a small amount of tendons in the sweet potato, so she carefully picked out the tendons.

There were a little red and loose grains on the tendons. She was reluctant to throw them away and ate them all.

“Is it so delicious?” Joan suddenly sat beside her and asked.

Suzi was taken aback: “You… haven’t you already left?” He was too sloppy and sent Suzi here. When Suzi got out of the car, he didn’t even say hello, but drove away. Suzi was used to being such a person, so he didn’t care.

Unexpectedly, he was still there.

“I sent you here, so I have to drag you back. You didn’t leave. Where shall I go? Is it possible that you want me to be like you, with the dust on the construction site on one side of the semi-finished product?

In her building, you are going to drill around and give demos to people, but you can’t figure it out!” Joan asked her, curling her lips.

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