Punished By His Love Chapter 73

Punished by His Love

Punished By His Love Chapter 73-Suzi looked up at Arron, not understanding what he meant.

Her tone was quiet and alienated to an almost numb gesture: “Mr. Fu, what do you want to say? My conspiracy, my conspiracy against you, don’t you already know? Now that I have been seen through by you, you are still asking What am i doing?” “Then you seem to have forgotten, what did I warn you about?” The man’s tone was not as harsh as before.

“I haven’t forgotten.” Suzi lowered his head and laughed at himself suddenly.

Not to mention that Arron had warned her not to hook up with other men while she was still married.

Even if Arron didn’t warn her, who could she hook up with?

None of the men and women at the cruise meeting today treated her as a human being, including Joan, who treated her well, and the play mentality in his eyes could not be concealed.

She is a poor joke in the hearts of those people.

“I just want to simply earn a tip, that’s all. It’s a pity that my way of earning tips has also been blocked by you.” Suzi said truthfully.

Her tone did not complain, nor did it seem to explain.

It’s like a sense of powerlessness in accepting reality.

Arron was taken aback for a moment. His dark, deep eyes looked at her unblinkingly, then he turned the subject and asked: “You painted the architectural design?” Suzi suddenly raised her head to look at Arron, her long curly eyelashes flickered involuntarily to hide her panic, but the more she covered her up, the more she panicked: “Wh…what design? I don’t know what you are talking about.” “The picture you drew! I saw it in your room.” Arron said in a low, magnetic voice.

Suzi: “…” She didn’t know what Arron knew?

She only knew that Arron had always opposed her deceiving his mother. If Arron was told that she had learned a lot of practical knowledge about architecture from Aunt Shanna in prison, would Arron give her another guilty one? Hat? She is not afraid of anything else, she is most afraid of losing her job.

If Arron gets angry and doesn’t want her to have a job, let alone in this city, it will be difficult for her to find a job even in the whole country.

“Um…that picture, it was me…our design director drew…drew it, because she did not have time to modify the sketch, so…just… Let me work overtime at night to help her revise…” Suzi stammered in denial.

“Really?” Arron asked with interest.

Suzi suddenly felt that his tone today was not so cold.

Doesn’t he seem to be blaming her?

She felt much more relaxed.

He raised his head and looked at him again. The close distance between him and her made her feel oppressive and forced her to look at his face.

His face is so beautiful.

It’s the kind that is cold, cruel, spicy, and pretty.

Now, the way he looked at her made her unpredictable, she didn’t even know whether he was happy or angry?

I just feel that a man like him can stun the rich children on the cruise, but he is not the man who can give Suzi warmth and help.

Although he wouldn’t play with her like the people on the cruise party, he was also like the people on the cruise party. He never treated her as a person, right?

Suzi, who walked in this circle of wealthy people by mistake, was already physically and mentally numb. Suzi didn’t want to send Arron’s question again. He only quietly said, “Mr. Fu, We are just a contract. When the contract expires, you give me what I want and I leave. That’s it.” After speaking, she got out from under his arm and entered her room silently.

The door closed quietly.

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