Punished By His Love Chapter 71

Punished by His Love

Punished By His Love Chapter 71-Suzi also looked up at Arron with different expressions, wondering why Arron appeared? Then I thought about it, Arron should be here, because all the children on this cruise ship are from rich families.

Arron’s suit wrapped Suzi tightly, then lifted her up and buckled her in his arms, looking at the men and women present with a vicious expression.

The cruise ship, which was originally high-spirited, was suddenly silent.

No one on this cruise ship is not afraid of Arron.

If it is said that few people were afraid of him more than a month ago, they don’t even know what Arron was. However, in a month, Arron bloodbathed the entire Fu family and took the highest power of the Fu Group in one fell swoop. This is nothing. The most important thing is that a group company suddenly changes ownership, but there is nothing in the company. The chaos.

This fully shows that Arron was prepared for a long time. The senior management of the group company has already been replaced by the personnel he deployed. Therefore, the group company can only operate normally when it changes ownership.

Even Fu Hengsheng, the grandfather of Arron, the tallest elder in the Fu family, looked at Arron with admiration overnight.

Not only did Fu Hengsheng not blame Arron for bloodbathing the entire Fu family, but Fu Hengsheng went on to choose a wife for Arron.

This is also enough to show that the fierce methods of the fourth young master of the Fu family have completely suppressed his own grandfather who once smashed the rivers and lakes!

Who is not afraid of such a fierce character?

Someone whispered: “Walton, didn’t you say that this woman is vanity and poor, without any background! How could she know Arron? It seems that we are dead today, I don’t want to die…” Walton also paled in shock.

She was pale and filled with a begging smile: “Fu…Arron…Shen…Suzi, she is here…” Without finishing a sentence, Arron had already hugged Suzi and left quickly. I haven’t said a word since I left, but it is enough to scare the people present.

After the man disappeared for a few minutes, the other people on the cruise ship came back to their senses.

“This…what’s the origin of this woman? I think she just let her mercy and did not resist, she is here to make money, why did she suddenly come out and take her away?” “Walton, this matter is your first choice. You must be responsible to us. In Yuncheng, only your elder aunt’s family can match the Fu’s family. You let your cousin’s grandfather Shu old man Go and dredge, or we will all be troubled by you!” “How did I know that Arron would come!” Walton was angry and jealous.

Why is such a faceless gold-worshiping girl so humble but so often favored by Mr. Arron?

The last time I k!ssed her in public, this time he helped her out in public and took her away.

D*mn Suzi!

Privately, Walton thought she was Shuyuan, the most worthy of Arron in Quanyun City. Because the Shu family is the second largest family in Yuncheng besides the Fu family, and Grandpa Shu loves her so much.

As long as she wants to marry Arron, Grandpa Shu will definitely make the decision for her.

Walton doesn’t allow any woman to snatch a man from her.

Especially Suzi is such a humble stuff!

At this time, Joan and Sanford, who had been watching all this quietly in the corner, quietly came into the crowd.

Joan looked at the frightened people present with a face, and said with a smile: “It’s not a big deal, isn’t it just my cousin who took away your little gadgets here? Is he so flustered? You guys!”

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