Punished By His Love Chapter 61

Punished by His Love

Punished By His Love Chapter 61-“What’s the matter!” Suzi’s tone was calm and cold.

Lanita said frantically with a kind of chagrin: “Don’t you realize that you are very useless? Suzi! I kidnapped you and almost killed you. It was Mr. Arron who rescued you, and he knew it was me who kidnapped you. You, wanted to kill you, but he didn’t punish me. I am still intact. Suzi, your wife, is very useless!” “If you call and harass me again, I will tell Arron’s mother that next time Arron’s mother finds you and your mother again, it won’t be your mother’s swelling of your face. It’s broken.

I really want to see how you marry Arron after your face is broken! “ “You…” Lanita was suddenly choked by Suzi.

After a long while, she was only half mysterious, and half evil sneered: “Suzi, there will be a good show in a while!” Suzi: “What do you mean!” “Bye!” Lanita hung up the phone triumphantly.

Suzi: “…” Good show?

What else can she do?

She was already living in the dust, and she had only three thousand yuan on her body, which Joan had pityed on her and lent her. She had a seed in her belly who didn’t know who her father was. She signed a contract with Arron and was coerced by Arron. Working in the Chu Group Company, Joan helps her from time to time. Now there is Darius.

Her surroundings seem to be rich and wealthy. However, it is not a good thing for a woman like her who has no foundation, and is not much better than a beggar.

She never wanted to climb someone up high.

I just want to live in obscurity, if someone cares about her, she will be grateful.

Just like Joan.

Although Suzi knew that Joan was just a wealthy and wealthy man, he was refreshed for a while, and suddenly wanted to reach out for a beggar girl. And every time he helped Suzi, it was a little bit insulting.

However, for Suzi, it was already a ray of light.

Sometimes when Suzi thinks of Joan, his heart will involuntarily warm up.

When she went to work in the company in the afternoon, Suzi didn’t see Joan again, and after get off work at night, Joan didn’t wait for her to take her off work at the bus stop in front of the company.

For three days in a row, Joan hadn’t appeared, and Shen occasionally felt that something was missing.

However, when she went to work during the day, she was busy doing errands in the office, running errands for colleagues in the office, and returning to Arron’s residence at night, Suzi had to draw seriously alone again.

After all, this is the first design draft given to her by the design director. Not only must she complete it independently, but she must complete it very well, and she must live up to the director’s high expectations.

After that, Suzi didn’t have time to think about why Joan hadn’t appeared for three days, let alone see what Lanita meant to call her.

And it is strange that Suzi has not seen Arron in the past three days.

But this is better. Every day being alone with that cold-blooded man makes Suzi feel like a man on his back. Arron will not come back. She is free in this house alone.

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