Punished By His Love Chapter 53

Punished by His Love

Punished By His Love Chapter 53-Arron watched Joan’s car go away calmly.

Behind him, Christopher said: “Master, that car…seems to belong to Mr. Ling? Mr. Ling is here, look at Madam?” Christopher only focused on parking just now, and did not see Suzi getting out of Joan’s car, nor did he see Suzi smiling at Joan.

Arron’s voice was low and faint: “In Joan’s heart, my mother is not his aunt, and the reason why he calls his aunt now is because he is afraid of me.” After speaking, Arron entered the hospital alone.

My mother’s complexion has improved a lot recently, and she doesn’t look like someone who has one month to live. Arron knows that this is all because Suzi comes to accompany her every day, and her mother is happy and her complexion has also changed.

I have to say that Suzi has a good set.

In front of him, he looked cold and arrogant, as if he would never be contaminated by him in this life.

In front of her mother, she became so empathetic again, she could say every word to her mother’s heart, and she was willing to listen to her mother’s coaxing.

And in front of Joan, Suzi turned into a pious and pleasing appearance.

Thinking of Suzi’s smile at Joan and the way that Joan was sitting in the car with his arms on the window, looking at Suzi with a condescending expression of playfulness, Arron’s heart was filled with unspeakable irritation.

Then the eyes were extremely cold.

Just like that, he came to the mother’s ward with a cold and faint aura. Before entering the door, he heard his mother talking to Suzi.

“Suzi, in a blink of an eye, Mom’s two-month life expectancy is only one month left. This month when you are with Mom, Mom is very happy, but Mom also has regrets. Mom is too greedy, Mom thinks Hold your grandson.” Shanna said to Suzi in a very gentle tone.

While talking, he stroked Suzi’s lower abdomen. Suzi blushed suddenly.

There is one in her belly, but the child’s father doesn’t even know who it is.

“Suzi, tell mom, have your periods come? Do you feel nauseous these days?

You and Arron have been married for a month when you talked. If people react early, 25 or 6 days. They all started to react.” Shanna looked at Suzi with eager eyes.

Suzi’s face turned even redder: “Mom…” Maybe it was because Shanna reminded her, maybe by coincidence, Suzi suddenly felt vomiting.

Since pregnancy, she has rarely seen morning sickness.

Only at this moment, there was a feeling of overwhelming in her stomach. In front of Shanna, Suzi could not show any signs of pregnancy.

Never can’t.

“Mom, I will go out to pick up the call from my company.” After that, Suzi ran out without waiting for Shanna to answer.

As soon as he arrived at the door, he ran into someone’s arms.

The man spread his arms around her and said warmly: “What’s the matter with you?” Suzi looked up and saw Arron’s cold eyes that could scare people. She hesitated: “I…I’m fine.” Then he broke away from his arms and ran out.

Only when she walked outside the promenade, she squatted in the trash can and vomited endlessly.

The man did not know when to stand behind her, and until Suzi finished vomiting, Arron said coldly: “Don’t show any signs of your pregnancy in front of my mother!”

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