Punished by His Love chapter 50

Punished by His Love

Punished by His Love chapter 50-She doesn’t have any ability to fight with the surrounding environment. They treat her as a plaything, an ant, and a grass.

She has no money, no support, she is exhausted. She didn’t want to fight anymore.

If she is humiliated again today, she will die.

Bringing the baby to reunite with mother is also a happy thing.

Looking at the obedient Suzi, the man suddenly stood up, his eyes looking down at Suzi increasingly contemptuous.

“My Arron wants to get a woman in bed, but I haven’t resisted yet! And you are not qualified!” Arron said coldly, “Listen to me! In the relationship between you and me for more than a month, you It’s best to keep your duty as a wife and don’t provoke any men! I only give you this opportunity to warn!” After speaking, the man dumped her and got up and left.

Suzi: “…” She provokes men?

She is a pregnant woman, penniless and can’t get enough to eat. Who can she provoke?

She just wants to follow the contract with him. Two months later, she gets a sum of money. By that time, she can at least feed herself and her baby.

“I just want to live, I just want to feed my baby, I won’t provoke anyone.” Suzi muttered to himself in the living room alone.

Next day Suzi got up early as usual, bought some food on the road as usual, and then took the bus to the hospital to visit Aunt Xia. After talking with Aunt Xia, she hurried to the head office to pick it up.

Because she was absent from work yesterday, she had to report to the design director.

“Excuse me, Director, I’ll make up a fake note.” Suzi lowered his head and said very cautiously.

Less than a month after coming to work, she has been absent from work twice.

“You don’t need to add the false note. Anyway, if you are doing miscellaneous work on the construction site, yesterday will be counted as your day’s work.” The director said blankly. Suzi knew that it must be Joan greeted the director from behind.

She immediately thanked: “Thank you Director, then I will go to the construction site now.” “No, you are transferred back to work in the office from today.” The director didn’t even look at Suzi, but threw a pile of documents to her: “Go, copy these things for me first, and give them to me.” Suzi was surprised at first, and then thanked again and again: “Okay, thank you Director, I’ll go right away!” Even doing miscellaneous work in the company is much more labor-saving than moving bricks on the construction site, so she inquired about the information all the way to the photocopying room.

Along the way, I could hear someone from behind talking about her: “This woman is a native girl from a different place. I heard that she has been moving bricks on the construction site before she was transferred. It is said that she helps in the department?

Cleaning or something?” “It looks so poor and plain.” “But it’s very good. There is such a handyman in the office. In the future, we don’t need to do it ourselves if we buy coffee and drinks to wipe the table.” Suzi didn’t take it seriously.

It’s better to work in the office than on the construction site. However, she was not less affected by this day.

The dozens of people in the entire design department all instructed her to do this and that alone.

“Suzi, you go buy me coffee.” “Suzi, copy it for me.” “Suzi, go and bring all the lunches.” “Suzi, go and buy afternoon tea for us.” Suzi: “…” After get off work, the entire department was gone before she left.

When standing at the bus stop and waiting for the bus, Suzi was already tired and unstable. At this time, a sports car stopped in front of her.

“Suzi, get in the car.” Joan raised an eyebrow at her.

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