Punished by His Love chapter 40

Punished by His Love

Punished by His Love chapter 40-Suzi didn’t speak.

From the first time Joan contacted her, she could see that Joan treated her like a game for rich people to have fun and arrange for help.

Suzi can’t afford to play, but she can’t afford to offend Joan either. She barely smiled at Joan and continued to move forward.

“Get in the car!” Joan put an arm idle on the window, and smiled: “Don’t be afraid, I don’t eat you, even if I have the guilty heart, I don’t have the guts. Otherwise, my fourth brother Can chop me into meat sauce.” Suzi glanced at Joan.

Joan stopped the car, got out of the car, and opened the door: “If you walk down like this, the lights are blazing, maybe you meet a man worse than me. What will you do then?” Suzi hesitated. Then get in the car.

Joan closed the car door, started off suddenly, and then took a sharp turn. Suzi fell on Joan with an instability.

Joan raised her arm and circled her.

“Mr. Ling, please let me get out of the car!” Suzi suddenly broke free.

However, Joan just gave her a hug, hugged her firmly, and he let go. His arms are very strong, making Suzi feel a touch of warmth.

He chuckled slightly: “Sit firmly, don’t knock, and tie the strap on.” Suzi bit his lower lip: “Thank you.” “Seeing that you don’t speak or speak, you look like a country girl. I didn’t see that you have such a big ambition to come to my cousin’s c0ncub!ne selection feast? Is it possible that you still want to really become the Fu family?

Grandma?” Joan, who drove the car steadily, asked Suzi with interest.

Suzi did not answer.

She knew that no matter how she answered, it was a pale explanation.

She and Joan are not familiar with each other. What is the purpose of her coming here? It has nothing to do with Joan.

Therefore, she did not explain. Just think deeply and look forward.

Joan didn’t mind, and asked again: “Thinking of Young Master Shu, right?” Suzi raised his eyes and glanced at Joan. She was very conspicuous. She was right by Joan. She was indeed thinking about the man named Darius.

Will Darius lend her two thousand yuan?

They just said a word, why should they lend her?

If there is no money, how can she compensate others for the camera money?

“Don’t look at your poor sourness, but your eyes are very poisonous. You know that you can’t cling to my fourth cousin, and you want to cling to Master Shu? However, although the position of power of the Shu family is far less than that of the Fu family, the Shu family is rigorous. The Patriarch of the Shu family would never allow Darius to spend a lot of time outside.” Suzi: “Uh…” Joan glanced at her in the rearview mirror. I felt like being caught by a cat.

I like her big ambitious thief, but she is forbidden from bathing and cold, and she is shabby, dazed and confused.

Joan felt that the game was getting more and more fun. After a light cough, he asked, “Where should I take you?” Only then did Suzi come back to his senses: “Mr. Ling, where you can take a bus up front, let me get down.” “Aren’t you hungry?” Joan asked again. Suzi shook his head: “I’m not hungry.” “But I’m hungry.” Suzi: “?” Joan’s sloppy tone: “There are a lot of drinks and food at the banquet, but I didn’t care about it. I patronized looking for beautiful women. After the dinner, I wanted my grandma to fill me with a bowl of egg noodles before leaving. I’m not afraid that you will meet a big bad wolf on the road alone and drive to see you off, so I’m hungry.” Suzi squeezed his finger: “I haven’t paid… yet.”

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