Punished by His Love chapter 3

Punished by His Love

Punished by His Love chapter 3-– “What?” A frown instantly formed on Sebastian’s face, and he immediately rushed in the bathroom.

There was nobody in the bathroom, but on the wall, a line of words written in blood was left. ‘Mr. Ford, despite our substantial differences in terms of social status, I wouldn’t want to marry you, farewell!’ The handwriting was neat and sharp, which revealed the writer’s unyielding trait.

Sebastian was stunned by it.

Could his investigation result on her be wrong?

A few seconds later, he gave an order. “Search the back of the mountain!” He could not let his mother have any regrets before she died.

At the back of the mountain, holding onto thorns and vines to go down, Sabrina managed to escape the search from the Ford family by hiding under a dense vine, despite having her clothes torn.

She stayed there till nightfall and went around the mountain by climbing over.

Early morning on the following day, she went to the Lynn Residence again.

Lincoln Lynn and Jade Sullivan were shocked and panicked when they saw Sabrina.

“You, how did you escape from p****n?” Jade asked with a guilty expression.

Sabrina said mockingly, “Mrs. Lynn, I have been released after serving my full sentence.” “You still shouldn’t have come to our house. You’re d***y and smelly, it’s too pungent! Get out of here quickly!” Jade forcefully chased Sabrina out of the house.

Sabrina could not be bothered to even look at Jade. She only looked at Lincoln and asked, “Uncle Lynn, your family knew very well why I was imprisoned back then, right? Four days ago, you came to visit me in j**l and told me if I followed the address given and stayed with a man for a night, you would give me a sum to save my mother. So, I stayed with that man, but my mother died.” Lincoln felt guilty but argued, “Everyone has their fate! I was kind and wanted to save your mother, but your mother died too soon! Could you blame me for that?” Sabrina glared furiously at Lincoln.

She had to pierce her nails into her flesh, only then could she suppress her urge to rush up to Lincoln and bite him to dh. This is because she did not have the capabilities to investigate whether her mother’s dh had any relations to the Lynn family yet.

She gritted her teeth and asked calmly, “Where was my mother buried?” Lincoln answered in vague tone, “Of course she was buried in the soil cemetery back at your hometown! I have paid for your living expenses and studies for eight years. Do I still need to buy a premium cemetery plot for your mother? You ungrateful person, leave now!” As Lincoln closed the door, he tossed a thousand dollars and said, “This was for your service that night.” A stab in Sabrina’s heart could be felt every time that night was mentioned.

Even she felt miserable, she still raised her chin high and stubbornly said, “If someone had to pay, shouldn’t it be that man who needed to pay me? Since he is d**d, then there is no use for it! Besides, I’m not a call girl! The reason I promised you was, firstly, to save my mother, and secondly, to repay your kindness for nurturing me. So from now on, our debt is cleared!” Eight years living under the Lynn family’s fence was enough!

She would never return to the Lynn family in the future.

If she were to be back, it would be to avenge her mother.

As he watched a tattered-looking Sabrina leave the house with such determination, Lincoln suddenly felt a dull pain on his chest.

Jade immediately scolded him furiously, “Why? Do you feel sorry for her and her mother? Lincoln Lynn, don’t forget she cursed my daughter to dh! They were born on the same day. Why does she get to live, and my daughter died right after birth?” Lincoln said, “I… I am not feeling sorry for her. The most important thing now is that she is out of pn. If she knew the man that she had slept with did not de but became the head of the Ford family, then we are going to be in big trouble!” Jade sneered and said, “She didn’t even know who she slept with. What are you afraid of? The most important thing now is to let Sebastian marry our precious daughter. If Selene had Sebastian’s child, nobody could bully us again.” Lincoln sighed and said, “Old Master Ford takes family backgrounds very seriously, I’m worried that he would dislike Selene for being our adopted daughter.” Jade laughed with a hint of craziness. “Dislike? Sebastian is an illegitimate child.

He didn’t even have the eligibility to inherit the power, but he still managed to take over the whole Ford Group overnight.” “As long as Sebastian believes that Selene was the girl who sacrificed her innocence to save him, then nobody could stop them from getting married.

Lincoln, you just wait for our precious daughter to marry into South City’s number one wealthy family and be Sebastian’s wife!” Lincoln nodded happily.

The sorry feeling that he had for Sabrina disappeared without a trace.

At that moment, Sabrina had already walked more than 100 meters away. Then, as she was about to turn into the main road, a showy bright-red sportscar blocked her way.

Selene Lynn came down from the car in heels and came to Sabrina arrogantly.

“Isn’t this the broke woman who had been begging at our house for eight years?

Sabrina? How many men have used you, and you still haven’t showered? Your odor is k*g me. Came to beg at my house again? You’re already selling your body anyway. Why are you still so thick-skinned…” Slap! Sabrina raised her wrist and hit Selene right across her face.

Selene instantly had a clear five finger print on her face.

She touched her face, and put her fingers to her nose and sniffed them. Not surprisingly, they smelled.

She was filled with anger and roared, “You…You dare to hit me?” Sabrina’s tone was dull and impatient. “It’s great now─ you are just as d***y and smelly as me.” She turned around and left as soon as she finished her words.

Her coldness shocked Selene. Selene was so stunned that she did not chase after Sabrina to fight.

Sabrina came to the dirtiest and most seedy place in South City and rented a bed to rest temporarily.

She wanted to find a job in South City so as to save up some money to return to her hometown, but no employers were willing to hire her because she had been in p****n before. In order to get a job, she spent some money to get a fake identification card and assumed the identity of Layla Young.

After a few days, she managed to get hired as a waitress at a fine dining restaurant under the pseudonym of Layla Young. The wage was little, but Sabrina was very satisfied.

Three weeks later, she was promoted to be the waitress that was dedicated to serving the VIP rooms because of her hard-working, sweet and gentle appearance.

“Layla, differ from the lobby dining area, VIP rooms were filled with esteemed guests. Hence, you have to be careful not to make mistakes.” The manager called Sabrina by her pseudonym and explained to her carefully.

Sabrina nodded and said, “I know.” Another week passed, she did very well at work.

During her spare time, a few other waitresses chatted with Sabrina.

“You’re so lucky, Layla. You got promoted to serve the VIP rooms in such a short time. However, with your height of 170 centimeters, tiny face, and long legs─ let alone a promotion to be the VIP room waitress, you would have no problem becoming an air stewardess, model or even enter the entertainment industry.” Sabrina pursed her lips and walked off with her head bowed.

The few colleagues extended their warmth but were met with a cold response. So after Sabrina had walked off, they muttered behind her back, “Just a waitress at the VIP Rooms, so arrogant!” “She just has a pretty face, who does she think she is?” “I didn’t think she was that pretty, maybe just a comely face at best, but her personality was seriously cold and aloof. She has no culture or academic background, but she is so pretentious!” “She is not pretentious, just doesn’t talk much, and she is trustworthy. If you don’t believe me, look…” One of the colleagues suddenly called for Sabrina, “Layla, my stomach is upset.

Could you help send the dishes?” Sabrina nodded. “No problem.” “My room is the Platinum VIP Room on the third floor, thanks!” She sped off as soon as the sentence ended.

Under the shocking gaze of the others, Sabrina went up to the third floor. She took over the dishes from a waitress before she pushed the door open and entered the room.

She had her head bowed and focused on serving the dishes when her wrist was suddenly caught. Sabrina shuddered and looked up at the customer. She was immediately stunned.

A cold, stern face with a gaze that had an overbearing and arrogant force appeared before her face.

“How did you know I dine here often?” Sebastian gripped her hand tightly. His eyes glinted with murderous intent.

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