Punished by His Love chapter 29

Punished by His Love

Punished by His Love chapter 29- “At least buy me…” Nigel looked at the small restrauntes in the surrounding. They were either dark and smoky or had a bunch of general workers eating lunch boxes outside.

He pinched his nose. He must go all out if he wanted to get with this selfresteained chick!”

“No matter what, you should at least buy me a ten-dollar lunch box, right?”

“Alright,” Sabrina replied promptly.

The two bought a lunch box, the type that had two choices of vegetables and a portion of meat.

Sabrina was full of the two mushroom sandwiches she ate. She sat opposite Nigel and stared at him while he ate.

This feeling was extremely awkward.

It was more awkward because Sabrina, who was sitting opposite Nigel, had an extremely plain expression. As he ate the lunch box that was as tasteless as wax, Nigel really wanted to reach over and recklessly rub on those cold and helpless little cheeks.

The best would be to pull her into his arms and have his way with her.

He did not believe that she would still be as cold and self-restrained.

However, Nigel was a good hunter. When it comes to treating his prey, he had always been very patient.

After the meal, when Sabrina wanted to pay, she found out that Nigel had already paid the bill.

Sabrina was too embarrassed to look at Nigel, “I’m sorry, Master Nigel.

This meal should have been on me.”

“Are you treating me to a ten-dollar lunch box? Should you not feel sorry?

I could tell that you were shabby, so I would take it as you owe me a meal. Wait till you get you first paycheck this month, then you must treat me to something good.” Nigel had always been blunt and outspoken.

In South City, Nigel only feared Sebastian.

Other than Sebastian, there was no one else that he was afraid of.

When in South City’s territory, everybody who saw Nigel was afraid of him.

However, Sabrina unexpectedly smiled.

Her smile was pure and sincere.

Nigel was stunned by her smile.

“You are a good person,” Sabrina said, “Although you speak very bluntly, I could tell that a rich boy like you does not have ill-will. You are also handsome and have a bright personality, so you must have many girls who like you, right? How nice.”

Sabrina was truly envious of the feeling when those girls and boys of the right age fell in love, but she could not have the chance anymore.

Nigel was speechless.

“Master Nigel, I have to go to the construction site. When I get my first paycheck, I would definitely treat you to a good one. You could come and find me anytime. Goodbye, Master Nigel.” Sabrina left after saying that.

As her watched the view of the gril’s back leave, Nigel took his phone and excitedly called Zayn, “Zayn, I bet you I will, the tacky chick that worked odd jobs at the construction site, Iwould definitely get her.”

Zayn mocked Nigel and said, “Didn’t you say that was Sebastian’s woman? You even dared to touch Sebastian’s woman. Don’t you want your life anymore?”

“She’s not even Sebastian’s woman!” Nigel said with smug laughter.

Sabrina, who got on the bus, did not know that the young master of the Conor group was having devious ideas about her.

She felt that Nigel was very earnest instead.

He once picked her up from the construction site and sent her to the restaurant where the wedding was held.

Today, he helped her keep her job.

Nigel gave Sabrina a little warm feeling, so she was in a good mood this afternoon. The work on site was very tough, but she did not feel tired.

After work, she still went to the hospital to accompany Grace as usual.

However, when she came to the door of the ward, Sabrina saw two women.

It was Jade and Selene, the mother and daughter duo.

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