Our Billion-Worth Twins By Velvet Antler Chapter 600

Our Billion-Worth Twins By Velvet Antler Chapter 600-Maia laid beside him hesitantly, concerned for her body. “Be gentle,” she reminded.

“Relax,” he said, his eyes glittering with calculative thoughts.

He could not possibly tag along in Maia’s suicide mission; anyone who associated themselves with her would be doomed.

His lips curled into an evil sneer as he glanced at her lower abdomen.

He had heard that Richard was only taking the blame for Maia’s crimes for the sake of their child, but if she was to lose the child…

Catelyn received a call from Joanne in the morning.

Joanne was still an idol, after all, and had connections with different reporters.

Someone had caught wind that Maia was rushed into the hospital the night before. Considering the amount of blood she lost, there was no chance that her unborn child would survive.

Catelyn was stunned at this news. Was she not in the police station?

She went to ask Cedrick about it and was told that the Clark family had snuck Maia out of the police station. They had intended to send her overseas before the Mason family noticed her absence, but she had gone out in the middle of the night to see another man, which led to her miscarriage.

The reporters who worked under Edwin instantly made sure that it went viral on the internet, while others took the chance to expose some of Maia’s scandals that she had committed throughout the years.

Maia had driven her car while intoxicated a few years ago and accidentally killed an old woman. Not only did she not regret her action, but she had forced the old woman’s family out of Sapphire City.

As more scandals were uploaded to the internet, her social media accounts were spammed by curses and malicious comments.

[Shouldn’t Maia be in the police station? why is she out?l [How shameless can this woman be to go seek the company of another man as soon as she was released? I heard that she had a miscarriage because of that!

This is revolting! Is that what highborn ladies are like in private?!

[I used to think that all the photos she uploaded on social media felt fake…] [Just look at those eyes. You can tell that she is a sl*t! ] Catelyn glanced at the screen, she swiftly regained her composure and slipped into the hospital where Maia was admitted under Joanne’s guidance.

Due to the hemorrhage, Maia was as pale as a ghost when she was rushed into the hospital.

Even the doctors felt as though she had a death wish. They had reminded her that she was weak and that it was already a miracle that she managed to keep the baby the last time.

However, she continued to ignore their advice. Now that she had lost her child, she blamed the doctors for not being capable of saving the baby.

Maia was driven mad from worrying that Richard would turn against her if he found out that she lost the child. She repeatedly reminded her lawyer to inform Richard to not believe the rumors, that she still loved him and that she only lost the child because of Catelyn.

The lawyer left the room expressionlessly.

Maia laid in bed to rest and heard the door opening again. Thinking that it was the lawyer, she said impatiently, “I told you to talk to Richard! Why are you coming b—”

She sat up from the bed and realized that it was Catelyn who had walked through the door.

“Catelyn Clark, you b*tch!” she screamed furiously. “You were the one who informed the reporters! You put dirt to my name! How dare you show yourself before me?! My bodyguards… Where the hell are they?!”

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