Our Billion-Worth Twins by Velvet Antler Chapter 205

Our Billion-Worth Twins by Velvet Antler Chapter 205-Catelyn sighed defeatedly. “Be patient. Remember what I’ve always taught you?” “One week.” Miles’ eyes glowed as he solemnly spoke, “If you don’t come get me within a week, I’ll tell Big Demon that I’m not Ollie and that you’re my mother. He’ll surely bring me to you.” Catelyn was speechless.

This little imp! How dare he use his wit against his mother? She could not possibly get him in a week’s time!

“Don’t you dare threaten Mommy, Miles!” warned Ollie, squaring up audibly Miles switched the phone to his other hand as he said in a casual tone, “I’m your big brother, so don’t talk to me that way.” Catelyn was baffled. Had they decided among themselves who should be the big brother?

Ollie felt embarrassed as he looked at Catelyn and said into the phone, “Then you should act like a big brother. Mommy cried last night when she knew you couldn’t come home. If you continue to make her upset, I won’t acknowledge you as my brother anymore.” Miles’ heart tightened as he pursed his tiny lips upon hearing that Catelyn had cried. “Big Kitty cried?” “That’s right. Do you still want to threaten Mommy, then?” Miles had no intention of upsetting Catelyn and fell silent for a few seconds.

“Anyway, just come get me quickly, Big Kitty. He was just afraid that Catelyn might not want him anymore if she had Ollie with her.

Ollie had better grades in school and was far more mature.

Miles’ eyes reddened as he switched his tone to a flighty, sad tone, “Miles misses you so much. I miss you when I eat, I miss you when I sleep, and I miss you even when I use the toilet. I feel really, really sad when I don’t get to see you, Mommy.

My heart is going to break.” Catelyn could not take it any longer and thus vowed, “Okay, I promise. I’ll come get you within a week.” Miles had never been away from Catelyn for such a long time before.

“Let me and Miles swap back, Mommy,” suggested Ollie, unable to bear seeing Catelyn suffer any longer If he returned to the Mason Estate, Miles could come home.

Catelyn shook her head, her eyes filled with determination. “There’s no need, I have other plans in mind.” T 205 If all else failed, she could always play dirty.

Three days later. Time slipped away like the sands of time. Catelyn had been attending job fairs for all three days and had received countless interview notices, as well as rejects.

Jamie would come see Ollie every couple of days, sometimes bearing gifts, and other times bearing snacks. He would always appear to be kind and gentle, with a cameraman hiding in the corner.

Catelyn felt like her time was running out.

That afternoon, she went to interview for a receptionist role and was rejected, even when the role was such a simple one.

Catelyn walked out of the elevator, feeling defeated. Next to the building was a large Riverdale mall. She went to the second floor and bought herself a cup of iced coffee.

“Master Cedrick is coming. Clear this floor now!” barked two men wearing suits with a pin at their chests as they left the scene in an instant.

Catelyn’s heart felt like it had been squeezed by a hand. Her coffee had become tasteless

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