Our Billion-Worth Twins By Velvet Antler Chapter 1018

Our Billion-Worth Twins By Velvet Antler Chapter 1018-’Okay, I promise you.”

However, Cedrick did not think there would be a miracle even if they delayed the abortion.

‘If you delay the abortion for another two months, it will only cause more serious damage to your body! We are not that high up, and the greatest probability of you jumping down is that you will be disabled and lose the child. In the future, you can only witness the growth of Miles and Ollie but not be able to take part in it. I’m sure that’s not what you want, right?”

‘Cedrick, what nonsense are you talking about?” Sylvie was furious after hearing what Cedrick said.

‘Is that what a husband should say at a moment like this?!’ Cedrick did not respond to Sylvie. His strategy was to extirpate Catelyn’s last hope before comforting her that what they were doing was for her good.

After all, she stubbornly believed that the child still had a chance of survival, just like he stubbornly believed that the child would inevitably die even if he were born.

“Catelyn, if you don’t dare to jump, then come down now!” Cedrick seemed to trigger Catelyn purposely.

Standing on the wall of the balcony, Catelyn’s body was trembling, and her chest was heaving violently…

Countless thoughts flashed through her mind. When Cedrick approached her quietly, Catelyn’s lower lip was almost bleeding from her bite, and she resolutely spread her hands, like a bird spreading its wings, and closed her eyes…

She jumped down the balcony eventually…

“Cat, no!” Sylvie was so frightened that her heart almost stopped.

Catelyn felt the flow of the wind in the air, and just when she thought she would fall, she felt a pressure on her wrist, followed by a force that pulled her back.

“Let go of me! Cedrick, let go…”

‘You want to die, huh?! Do you know the consequences of jumping?! How dare you jump like that?” Cedrick pulled Catelyn back with a very strange posture.

He barely maintained their balance.

If Catelyn struggled violently, it was still very likely that they would both fall together.

She bent forward and punched Cedrick’s chest with her fist and roared incoherently, her voice completely hoarse. “Didn’t you make me jump? Why did you save me when I jumped then?!”

Cedrick did not dare to struggle hard. He carefully carried her down to the ground, and when she stepped on the ground safely, he locked her tightly in his chest, his voice full of tremors. “I told you to jump, and you jumped. But why can’t you be that obedient when I tell you to have an abortion?”

Catelyn fell silent, and the fear of being close to death hit suddenly.

Cedrick leaned against her shoulder, felt her body temperature and breathing, and whispered helplessly, “You won.”

He could not pretend to be unfeeling because all he cared about was her safety.

Even if she lost control a little bit, he would not feel any better but only became even more worried.

Catelyn was stunned when he heard that and raised her head from his chest. “What did you say?”

‘You can do whatever you want. You can wait two months before making a decision again if you want, as long as you don’t threaten US with your life again.” Cedrick raised her chin with his slender fingers, looking deeply at the tears on her face. “Are you satisfied now?’ Catelyn was afraid that she had heard it wrong, so she asked again,” Really? You promised to stay away from this child?”

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