One Night Surprise Chapter 134

One Night Surprise Chapter 134- My Life Experiences Have Never Failed Me

Courtney’s expression tensed as she perked up her ears and leaned against the door. Then, she heard Alexander’s voice coming from outside. “No need; I still have other things to do. Besides, it’s enough that these items have been delivered here. Let your mommy have a good rest.”

“Okay then.”

Alexander did not reply to that.

“Goodbye, Mr. Alexander.”

Alexander came and went in a hurry. Moreover, he left after delivering a large number of luxury items. What is this all about?

“I bet he’s trying to make amends!” Cameron sat on the floor, hugging Chanel’s latest product in her arms and refusing to let go—it was like it was her baby. At the same time, she explained the meaning behind the gifts to Courtney. She eloquently continued, “Can’t you tell? This is what he came up with after reflecting upon his actions last night! It’s obvious he has a guilty conscience! That’s why he decided to use these luxury items to make up for his mistakes! This is the latest bag! How did he get this?! It’s a limited-edition item!”

Courtney swept a trifling glance at the presents piled up under the table. The gifts were overflowing all over the floor. Listening to what Cameron said, she couldn’t bring herself to feel happy. Rather, she felt the lump in her throat growing larger. “Are you saying that something is going on between him and Britney?”

“If not, why is he doing this?” Cameron leaned against the sofa as she analyzed the situation with a stern expression. “It’s neither the holiday season nor a special occasion. Are you saying he gave you so many luxury items simply because he wanted to? Then, why did he leave without saying anything? So that he can look cool? In truth, he’s probably creating a buffer period for himself, hoping that your happiness at receiving these gifts will overshadow your anger from before.”

“Is that true?” Courtney felt slightly doubtful.

“Trust me.”

This was the second time Courtney had heard these words since last night.

“Then, I will return everything to him.”

“What?!” Cameron looked shocked. “Y-You’re joking, right? These are limited-edition items!”

“All the more reason to return them then.”

“Keep one at least.”

“No. I’m not keeping a single thing.” If he is trying to make up for his mistakes by giving me these gifts, then it feels like I’m letting him off too easily just by accepting them. Courtney’s upbringing did not allow her to let such matters go unresolved and be swept under the rug.

Cameron was speechless.

That night, in the same hotel, two men sat facing each other while drinking.

“She returned all the gifts? I guess she must be really angry this time.” Gale rubbed his chin with a thoughtful yet dubious look on his face. “Most women won’t be able to resist these temptations.”

“Didn’t I tell you before? She’s not like other women.” Alexander glanced at him. His eyes held slight displeasure in them. He had a vague feeling that it wasn’t a big deal in the beginning. However, things seemed to have taken a more serious turn after he heeded Gale’s foolish idea.

“You’re right!” Gale seemed to have realized something. “Courtney Hunter is not like other women; she is a strong career woman! Under most circumstances, these tricks to fool women won’t work on her.”

Alexander said nothing in response.

“Women like her get more courageous the more suffering they experience! They are only motivated when there is competition!”

“What do you mean?” He frowned as he looked at Gale.

“To put it bluntly, they have a slight masochistic tendency in them.” Gale looked extremely confident; he looked like he had it all figured out as he continued, “Women can do anything when they are consumed by jealousy. If she won’t accept your peace offering, then you should do the exact opposite.”

Alexander remained silent.

The three-day holiday passed by quickly.

“He still hasn’t contacted you yet?” Cameron snuggled on the sofa while playing games on her phone. “That’s strange.”

“I’m not worried; why are you more worried than I am?” Courtney brought out a plate of fruit salad and placed it on the coffee table. Crossing her legs as she sat down, she let out a long and deep sigh. “On the contrary, I think it’s a good thing. It’s not as complicated as you make it out to be. To be honest, this is no big deal. I’ll just ask him about what happened the other day when we meet again.”

“Really?” Cameron sounded skeptical. “Based on my life experience, men—ah!” Before she finished her sentence, she exclaimed in surprise. At the same time, she practically bounced up from the sofa. Courtney was so frightened by Cameron’s actions that she jumped in shock. The grape on her fork fell to the ground and rolled under the coffee table. “What’s with you? That scared me to death!”

“My life experiences have never failed me before.” Cameron grabbed Courtney, who was kneeling on the ground and looking for the fallen grape under the coffee table. Then, she shoved her phone in Courtney’s face. “Look! I told you: my life experiences have never failed me before.”

The news headline wrote: ‘Britney Price Acting Intimate With a Mysterious Man and a Five-Year-Old Child At the Airport. Suspected Hidden Marriage!’

“Isn’t that Alexander and Jordan?” she asked straightforwardly. “Even if they’ve been censored out, I can still recognize them. Didn’t he say he was going to see a doctor in Germany? But, he looks like he’s going on an overseas vacation with his lover and his kid!”

Courtney tried to suppress all the suspicions growing in her heart. “No, he wouldn’t. He wouldn’t do that. Perhaps, it’s like what I guessed before—she pulled some strings to arrange the sudden doctor’s appointment for Jordan. I believe I’ve heard Alexander’s assistant mention that before.”

“A doctor’s appointment?” Cameron scrolled through her phone and brought up Britney’s personal webpage. “Can you still say that they went to Germany for a doctor’s appointment after seeing this?”

It was a picture of Britney lying next to a hotel’s swimming pool with the caption: ‘Thank you for being there with me. Happy birthday.’ It was posted on her birthday one week ago. The entire webpage was filled with birthday wishes. Moreover, her location was tagged at one of the resorts in Germany, which previously triggered a heated discussion on Facebook.

“Sc*mbag.” Cameron turned off her phone while gritting her teeth. “Courtney, don’t feel down. I’ll hire some ghostwriters tomorrow to denounce those two cheating b*stards on the internet!”

Courtney felt a little lost and bewildered at the moment. Furthermore, there was a constant buzzing in her ears. She had not realized how great an existence Alexander occupied in her heart. All this while, she thought the main reason she approached him was Jordan. Therefore, she gave herself an extremely reasonable excuse to approach him. However, now that he was in an ambiguous relationship with another woman, she suddenly felt unimaginably heartbroken. It was no less than the pain she felt when she learned that Isaac was cheating on her back then.

“I need some time to think.” She did not seem to hear any of the comforting words Cameron was saying to her as she locked herself in her study.

“What’s wrong with Mommy?” Tina looked surprised; she was oblivious to what was going on online.

“Tina, the new daddy you found for yourself is not a good man. He’s worse than Isaac! I’m going to go and question him about this!”

“Is this related to Mr. Alexander?” When Tina heard that it was related to Alexander, she made a fuss about going along.

Cameron was the type to take action immediately. She went back inside the house, changed her clothes, and came back out. Then, she brought Tina with her and hastily left the house.

“Are we going to meet Mr. Alexander? This doesn’t seem to be the road to Mr. Alexander’s house.” Tina leaned against the car window. “Godmom, you’re going the wrong way.”

“Why would I want to meet that cheating b*stard? Talking to him is a waste of my energy.”

“Then, where are we going?”

“We’re going to meet the other accomplice involved in this.”


15 minutes later, a servant served some tea in the living room of a villa at Westpark before leaving respectfully.

“Well, how are you going to explain this? What’s going on?” Cameron pulled up the news from before on her phone and placed her phone on the coffee table. She looked extremely unhappy. “If you don’t want to be on good terms with Courtney, then just be straight about it. Don’t pull this cheating stunt. That’s just plain nasty.”

“Cheating?” Gale looked confused for a moment. After reading the news, he was taken aback for quite a while before he suddenly burst out laughing. “Alex sure moves fast!”

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