Olivia Fordham And Ethan Miller Chapter 1560

Olivia Fordham And Ethan Miller

Olivia Fordham And Ethan Miller Chapter 1560-Those were the most unwelcome words to the Fordhams at that moment. They were startled when they heard that.

“Mr. Zimmerman, you’re an old and respected man in this house. Why are you so flustered?”

Olivia had a bad feeling in her heart. Back when she had just come over, she could sense that Morgan Zimmerman was a very calm and collected person judging by how he treated her.

But that very same man had a panicked expression on his face now. He even tripped and fell when he came in through the door. It had to be a serious matter.

“What exactly happened, Mr. Zimmerman?” Jacqueline hastily helped him up.

In a trembling voice, Morgan said, “Mr. Fordham Senior was in a private jet.

Midflight, the private jet caught fire and exploded!” 3 “W-What!”

Jacqueline fainted on the spot.


Avery carried her in his arms. The Fordhams, who were already a mess, found themselves in an even worse situation.

Olivia strode forward. After checking Jacqueline, she said, “Don’t worry, she just fainted from too much shock. Let her rest and she’ll wake up on her own.” “I want someone to send Ms. Jacqueline to her room to rest.” “Understood, Mr.


The household staff sent Jacqueline back to her room. The people left in the room were in a disastrous state.

Avery hadn’t completed his treatment, so he looked unusually sickly.

Troy had just gone through an operation, and he was bound to a wheelchair like Sean was. He couldn’t even take care of himself.

Jacqueline had fainted due to shock. 2 “Avery, Dad is…” Of them all, Troy had the strongest mentality, but his eyes were turning red at the moment.

Avery was the one who felt the greatest grief. As the oldest child in the family, he was the one with the most problems, but he had to pretend to be strong.

“It’s okay. We only know that the plane was destroyed. Maybe… Maybe he’s alright!”

Sean slammed his tightly clenched fists on his wheelchair. His eyes were red as well.

“It must be the work of Brandon! His love has turned into hatred, and he plotted for decades just to snatch Mom away from Dad. Now that he has gotten his way, he knew that Dad would hurry back, so he ambushed Dad in advance and killed him. I swear I’ll kill him!” “Sean, calm down. Brandon has been plotting in the shadows for decades so that our family would be ruined. Now that our family is in dire straits, we have to handle this calmly.” “Vox! We can only get Vox back here to take charge.” At that moment, Sean hated the fact that he had wasted his time in the past few years.

If he had sensed that something was off earlier, he wouldn’t have drowned himself in misery every day.

Tears Streamed down Troy’s face. He didn’t even have the Strength to wipe his tears.

He was anxious, furious, and also mad at his incapability.

Every one of them was responsible for the state the Fordhams were in right now.

If he could move his hands, he would have slapped himself.

Just then, there was a loud slapping sound. Everyone looked at Sean.

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