Olivia Fordham And Ethan Miller Chapter 1558

Olivia Fordham And Ethan Miller

Olivia Fordham And Ethan Miller Chapter 1558-Shana was suddenly taken away, and everyone in the Fordham family was panicking. Even Troy, who was still sick in bed, struggled to get up.

Avery visited his uncle’s family right away. Garrett could run, but he wouldn’t be able to hide.

Unexpectedly, before Garrett could be arrested, the others received a shocking piece of news.

Olivia was braiding Willow’s hair. Willow’s hair quality was great, and her hair was dark and shiny.

Ethan was carrying a small storage case for them. The case was filled with hair ties and hair clips meant for little girls.

He handed Olivia two green bow ties. “Put these on. Green looks good on her.”

Olivia took the bowties and put them in Willow’s hair. Then, she planted a kiss on Willow’s forehead. “You look so pretty.”

Smiles lit up Willow’s green eyes. She held onto Olivia with one hand and Ethan with the other. She was elated.

Kelvin rushed over to them. “Bad news, Mrs. Miller.”

Olivia made a guess. “Garrett escaped?”

This was within her expectations, so Olivia wasn’t surprised at all. Garrett had been plotting this for so long, so he wouldn’t let the Fordhams catch him so soon. He might be planning an even greater misfortune.

“No, he’s dead.”

Olivia froze with the comb still in her hand. “What did you just say? He died?”

This was something Olivia never expected. It was just too surprising.

“How can that be? Could there be someone else behind him?”

Olivia recalled the person she had confronted. He looked so mysterious and powerful.

He looked just like an evil mastermind. How could he die just like that?

Brent stepped forward and said, “I’ll take over from here. Kelvin didn’t explain it enough. The person who’s dead is the real Garrett, and he has been dead for years.”

“So, the Garrett we’ve been seeing is someone in disguise?”

It was no wonder then that Olivia would find that person mysterious.

“Yes. Today, Mr. Avery brought men with him to go to his uncle’s home. But that morning, the family was asked to go to the police station.

“The police said that they found a corpse, and after comparing the DNA samples, they found that the corpse was Garrett. It was only then that everyone realized that someone had been disguising themselves as Garrett all these years.”

Ethan frowned a little. “Liv, what did I tell you? Stop interfering in the Fordhams’ matters.”

This was his third time advising Olivia. The enemy was just too vicious. If they had attacked Olivia yesterday, Olivia might have been involved.

The Fordhams were already in a dire enough situation, but things were getting worse.

“Alright, Ethan. Give me three days. After three days, I’ll go home with you, okay?”

She thought that the incident was resolved and she could leave after she treated Shana’s eyes. She didn’t expect something like this to crop up.

“Understood, Mrs. Miller.”

Olivia recalled how careful that man was toward Shana. It looked like he was treating her like a precious treasure.

Not many people could achieve this. Of all the people Olivia knew, only Louis was capable of that.

Louis was an old man nearing his 70s, but he looked like a young man. It would be easier if she started her investigations in that direction.

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