Olivia Fordham And Ethan Miller Chapter 1557

Olivia Fordham And Ethan Miller

Olivia Fordham And Ethan Miller Chapter 1557-The others didn’t notice the faint smile on Jacqueline’s face. Olivia was observing quietly at the side, so she caught sight of it.

As if she had sensed Olivia, Jacqueline turned around and met Olivia’s gaze.

Jacqueline put on her harmless expression again. “Dr. Fordham, why are you looking at me like that? Is there something on my face?”

Olivia set her thoughts aside. “No, I just think that you’re very pretty, so I decided to take a longer look at you.”

“Dr. Fordham, you must be tired after staying up for so long. We’ll keep watch here, so you can rest in the room next door.” Jacqueline came over and took Olivia’s hand. She seemed to be glancing at Olivia’s wrist.

Olivia sensed Jacqueline’s gaze. That was the spot where Ethan had shot her before.

However, thanks to the nourishment from the medicinal spring a few years ago, the wound was long gone. The scar was almost invisible now.

“What are you looking at, Ms. Jacqueline?”

“Dr. Fordham, your skin is fair and smooth. I envy that. How do you usually take care of your skin?”

Olivia said indifferently, “Ms. Fordham, Madam Fordham was suddenly taken away, but you’re asking me about my skincare routine instead of worrying about her. You’ve always been quite loving toward your family, so what’s going on?”

Olivia hit the nail on the head. Jacqueline hastily put on her pitiful look.

“So many things have happened in our family in the past few days, so of course, I’m worried. But at times like this, there’s no use if I just panic. I can only help my brothers out by treating our guest well. Dr. Fordham, why did you suddenly ask me something like that?”

They probed at each other several times. They felt that there was something off about each other, but they couldn’t figure out the other person’s weakness.

Jacqueline suspected Olivia’s identity. She knew that Olivia had a wound on her wrist, but the woman in front of her had smooth and tender wrists. There weren’t any wounds or scars left by a bullet.

Olivia felt that something was off about Jacqueline. All the evidence was pointing at Garrett, so logically, Jacqueline had nothing to do with it. It was just Olivia’s intuition.

Neither of them managed to get the upper hand.

Later on, Olivia went to a secret house in private.

This was Ethan’s temporary home. At that moment, he was watching over Willow and gently touching Willow’s face with his fingers.

When he noticed that Olivia was here, he quietly left and closed the door.

Pulling Olivia into his embrace, he said, “Liv, I miss you.”

Of course, Olivia missed him too. However, too many things had happened in the Fordham family recently, and she was exhausted.

“Ethan, get someone to follow Jacqueline. I feel like something is very off about her!”

“Liv, I’ve already told you early on that the Fordhams are a tricky mess to get involved in. Just stay away from them.”

“Ethan, I told you to give it three days. It’s not time yet. Please help me out, alright?”

Ethan sighed.

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