Olivia Fordham And Ethan Miller Chapter 1555

Olivia Fordham And Ethan Miller

Olivia Fordham And Ethan Miller Chapter 1555-Ginger panicked even more. “No, that won’t work.” “Why not? If you have any concerns, just tell me. I’ll deal with them for you.”

Sean sighed. “If we weren’t separated back then, we might already have kids by now. I still remember you saying that you wanted to have a son and a daughter.

Our daughter would look like me, and our son would look like you. Our family would live happily together.

“Gigi, are you going to keep dragging it out?”

Ginger hesitated. She knew that she had broken the rules. She was just a pawn, and pawns shouldn’t have any feelings for their targets. However, she had lost herself in Sean’s tenderness.

Back then, she had already hurt Sean once. Even after so many years, she had never forgiven herself. She couldn’t bring herself to stop loving Sean either.

“Don’t worry, Gigi. I don’t know who’s giving you orders, but I swear I’ll protect you.”

Tears streamed down Ginger’s face. “But my family is still in their hands. I can’t say it. If I do, my family will die. My nephew is starting grade school soon. His life is only beginning!”

She covered her face and wept. “All these years, I could only watch over you in silence because I’m wary of them. If you can’t forgive me, just kill me. I can’t say it no matter what.” “Gigi, you’ve already failed to assassinate Dr. Fordham, and they’ve probably heard the news that we’ve caught you. Do you think there’s a difference whether you say it or not?”

Ginger widened her eyes. She seemed to have overlooked this aspect.

She gripped Sean’s wrist tightly. “Sean, I…” “The one thing you should do right now is trust me. Only I sincerely want to help you. If your only concern is about your family, don’t worry.

“I figured out their whereabouts three days ago, and I’ve already sent men to protect them. No one will be able to hurt them. If you don’t believe me, you can call them right now.”

As expected, Ginger called her parents. “Mom, is everyone okay?” “Gigi, something serious happened. Half an hour ago, a group of armed men barged into our house. I was so terrified!

“But don’t worry, just when we thought that we were going to die, another group of men appeared and saved US. Our house is destroyed, but fortunately, everyone is fine. Don’t worry, we’re all alive and well.”

It was only then that Ginger sighed in relief. She now knew for sure that Sean wasn’t lying to her.

Hatred burned in Ginger’s eyes. “He began scheming against the Fordhams early on, and he also secretly raised many pawns. I’m just one of them.

Ginger covered her face with her hands. “For the past few years. I’ve been repenting every day. I know that I’ve done something unforgivable.”

“Gigi, do you know about my sister, Quinn? What was Garrett actually trying to do?”

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