Olivia Fordham And Ethan Miller Chapter 1389

Olivia Fordham And Ethan Miller

Olivia Fordham And Ethan Miller Chapter 1389-Jack had never felt so conflicted before. This was his best chance of killing Wayne. But if he threw the grenade, Olivia would die as well.

The memories of his time with Olivia flashed in his mind. She really thought of him as a brother.

While he hesitated, Wayne’s bodyguards were able to catch up and line up a shot at him.

Olivia could only watch as the bullet flew toward Jack.

She screamed, “No!”

But there was nothing she could’ve done as Jack got shot and fell over. Only the driver was left speeding away.

The cold wind blew toward Olivia as tears streamed down her face.

How could this happen?

If she weren’t in the car, Jack would’ve killed Wayne. He wouldn’t have hesitated and gotten himself killed.

A few years ago, when she mentioned that she wanted to join the Black Ravens, Jack told her, “The biggest mistake an assassin can make is to be emotional. Only death awaits an assassin who lets his emotion dictate his actions.”

Even so, he still hesitated when he saw her.

Wayne noticed that Olivia’s reaction was a little off. “What? Was that an ex-boyfriend of yours?”

Olivia glared at him fiercely. She slapped him. The slap was quick and hard. Wayne didn’t manage to block it.

“You fucker! It should’ve been you who died instead!” Olivia’s eyes were bloodshot.

She had lost too much already, her family, friends, and her pet.

Everyone that she met after that who treated her well was precious to her. Jack wasn’t related to her by blood, but she saw him as her own brother, nevertheless.

She swore she would never stand by and watch her loved ones die before her. She had matured. She could protect them.

But in the end, Jack still died because of her.

Her slap was hard. Wayne was angered by it. But when he saw her eyes, all the anger faded.

“Are you okay? Let’s be clear, I didn’t start anything. He was the one who tried to kill me. My people were iust retaliating He deserved it “

His words angered Olivia even more. She started raining blows on him.

“How dare you say he deserved it? If you didn’t kill his brother, he wouldn’t have come for revenge. It’s your fault. It’s all your fault.”

Olivia was furious. “I don’t have much family left. He’s my brother! How can you kill him?”

She scratched Wayne’s face and left a mark, but he didn’t care about that.

He knew how strong Olivia was. She didn’t even bat an eye when he wanted to kill her back then.

But she was crying profusely, and he had never comforted a woman before. He instinctively drew Olivia into his arms.

“Alright, don’t cry. It’s all my fault. Don’t worry, I won’t hold it against him. Besides, he might still be alive.”

Olivia struggled to break free. “Let me go! We’re not that close.”

“Settle down first. You can beat me up all you like after that.”

Ike, who was in the driver’s seat, noticed how soft Wayne had become. Olivia had him wrapped around her little finger. What would he do when they went back to Carathia?

The bodyguards didn’t pursue Jack’s car any further due to Wayne’s orders. As soon as the lanes were freed up, another car dashed right next to Wayne’s car.

Ethan was extremely anxious. He turned and saw Wayne holding Olivia in his arms.

Wayne met his gaze, gave him a peace sign, and smiled triumphantly.

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