Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 604

Obsessed CEO Throws Himself at Me Chapter 604

David asked, “What?”
Carter opened the door to his car and got in before he

added, “Cindy is pregnant, so she has to plan for the kid in her womb.”

The revelation hit David. He replied, “Ah, no wonder.
Well, then you should hurry and share the news with
Arielle so that Cindy can’t con her. Arielle is such an

amazing doctor. It’d be great if you can recruit her to our hospital because she’d give the hospital a competitive edge. Naturally, the best course of action will be for you to get her to be a part of the family. You know, Carter, I never really care about social statuses and will accept any daughters-in-law with any backgrounds.”

Carter’s expression turned grouchy. He complained,

“Dad, what the hell are you talking about?”

It’s bad enough that both Vinson and Harvey were into
Arielle. Things would be a crazy mess if he got

involved in the matter as well.

David stopped messing around and reminded, “Okay,

deal with the current issue at hand first.”

Carter murmured a reply and got the psychic’s contact

information from his dad. After that, he hung up and called Vinson to share the information.

Vinson’s tone was icy when he replied, “I got it. I’ll rush

over now.”

There were always people who wanted to hurt Arielle, and in the past, he could hold his anger in. Back then, he only saw Arielle as the person who saved his life.

Things had since changed.

He had discovered what he truly felt for Arielle, and that made it so that he would not allow anyone to bully


On the other side in the Southall residence.

When Arielle returned to the Southall residence, she saw that Cindy was sipping the soup that Henrick had personally cooked for her.

The television in the living room was playing the news about Soir Coffee.

They were watching the rerun, though. At that moment, they were seeing how Jack was interrogating and accusing the manager.

As Cindy sipped the soup, she pretended to beworried and said, “Do you think that Soir Coffee can survive an incident like this‘? The economy is bad now. If Soir Coffee declares bankruptcy, Nightshire Group will lose its position as the most prominent company in the country.”

Henrick waved his hand disinissively and replied, “That probably won’t happen. Nightshire Group’s main operations doesn’t involve food, after all, so they’ll be fine. Still, this incident will surely make the share prices all.”

ln other words, it wouldn’t matter if Soir Coffee went bankrupt. Henrick could still benefit from Nightshire Group so long as Arielle and Vinson were close.

As I-lenrick spoke, he suddenly recalled and blurted, “Did we leave Saiinie behind?”

Cindy wanted to complain about how Arielle was an adult and how Henrick shouldn’t worry too much. However, Arielle suddenly spoke up from the door. “I’m home,” said Arielle.

Cindy was taken aback. She turned her gaze over.

No one knew what Arielle had endured in the last few hours, but she looked terrible.

That got Cindy ever so delighted.

A small grin crept up on Cindy, but she was quick to put it away and feign being worried. She demanded. “Sannie, where have you been‘? Your dad and I got worried. Why were you out for so long?“

supposed to visit Shandie’s grave?”

At first, Henrick felt a little guilty about leaving Arielle behind, but Cindy’s words redirected his mind. He assumed that Arielle had taken advantage of the

situation and snuck away.

That angered him, so he demanded, “Today is the day your baby sister is buried. Why weren’t you staying put at home? Where the Pick were you?” !

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