Novel My baby’s daddy chapter 2431 by anastasia

Novel My baby’s daddy chapter 2431 -As Willow was pulled into a warm embrace, she couldn’t help but smile.

Looking down at her, Jasper couldn’t restrain his emotions any longer. He leaned in and gently kissed her red lips.

That night, she drifted off to sleep, leaving a particular someone in distress. Even with his beautiful girlfriend in his arms, he struggled to calm his racing heart and control his breathing, not wanting to disturb the woman he held close.

He stayed awake until 2.00AM, and his restless energy kept him awake until dawn.

In contrast, Willow enjoyed a restful night’s sleep and pleasant dreams. When she awoke, the morning light bathed the room. As she raised her head, she was met with bloodshot eyes. She blinked and asked, “Didn’t… Didn’t you sleep last night?”

“I did,” Jasper replied hoarsely.

“But your eyes are so red!” She expressed concern and began to get up. Suddenly, he pulled her into a tight embrace. “Stay with me a little longer,” he whispered, burying his face in her shoulder before drifting off to sleep.

Willow froze instantly and stole a brief glance at Jasper. His eyes were closed, his long, dense eyebrows covering his eyelids. She couldn’t help noticing his straight nose, slightly pursed thin lips, and finely defined jawline.

Suddenly, Willow’s feet went numb, and as she tried to move, she inadvertently touched something firm. Instantly, her face flushed red, even her ears burning.

Without opening his eyes, he gently warned her, “Don’t move.”

Willow felt unfairly accused because it wasn’t her intention. Reluctantly, she stopped moving and lay still, waiting. Eventually, she heard Jasper’s breathing become steady, indicating that he had fallen asleep. That’s when she realized he had not slept a wink last night.

While she hadn’t done the deed with anyone, she wasn’t entirely clueless either. She understood the signs of desire between men and women. Therefore, sleeping in his bed last night had likely cost him a night’s sleep. Oh, no! What have I done? Despite this realization, an inexplicable sense of anticipation bubbled within her.

She wasn’t rushing to get out of bed, so she allowed the man to embrace her while he slept. Surprisingly, he didn’t weigh her down with his body. When his breath brushed against her neck, it sent shivers down her skin, making her consider shifting positions. Yet, the man unexpectedly drew even closer.

At that point, Jasper was so near that Willow’s senses were sent into a frenzy. Her eyes widened in amazement as she thought, Even in his sleep, he can… This can’t be real!

With a nervous gulp, she found the sensation unsettling. She hesitated to move, realizing this might be why he had been reluctant to share a bed with her. It must have been too much for him.

As her thoughts spiraled, she began to sweat, the rated thoughts making her increasingly anxious. After enduring this for more than ten minutes, she quietly slipped out of bed, moving like a graceful cat. She couldn’t withstand the heat radiating from his body and the increasingly wild thoughts in her mind.

Willow reached for her phone, discreetly and smugly taking pictures of the sleeping man from various angles. Once satisfied, she settled onto the couch outside to admire her collection. It felt like a secret possession, something she couldn’t bear to share with others, a testament to the handsomeness of her future husband.

Meanwhile, Jasper rarely enjoyed such deep sleep. Lately, he had been relying on medication to help him rest, often staying awake throughout the night. Consequently, he was now in a profound slumber.

Having been through so much in this country recently, an idea struck her—she wanted him to accompany her on a holiday abroad. After all, she was not rushed to get married anyway.

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