Nothing To Give But My Heart Chapter 79

Nothing To Give But My Heart Chapter 79

Nobody knew how much time had elapsed in the darkness. Suddenly, the jangling sound of keys could be heard in the silence of the night, and a moment later, the doors were opened.

Two figures appeared within the darkness of the room.

“Assistant Shen?” Xiao Su peered into the dark room, then took out his mobile phone and turned the flashlight on.

In that instant, the room was lit up.

It was then that Ye Moxuan got a good look at the scene. A petite figure was seen crouching in the corner as she hugged her knees to herself with her head buried inside; she had curled herself up into a ball.

She looked like a cat who had curled itself up.

Her long hair which was originally tied up had become undone, causing her hair to cascade down her shoulder in a mess, thereby covering her face and ears.

Strangely enough, Ye Moxuan could feel the despair and coldness that was emanating from her entire body as it was very obvious.

What’s going on? Ye Moxuan frowned and said unhappily, “What’s wrong with her?”

When Xiao Su heard his question, he took a step forward and asked, “Assistant Shen?”

The person who was crouching there didn’t respond. In fact, she didn’t move a single muscle at all as she sat there like a statue.

“Assistant Shen? Assistant Shen?” When Xiao Su noticed that she wasn’t moving a single muscle at all, his eyes twitched. Then, he quickly called out to her twice.

However, the person crouching there didn’t have any reaction at all as if she was dead.

Xiao Su turned his head to look at Ye Moxuan, thereupon he noticed that the latter had a dark look in his eyes as he exuded a cold and terrifying aura around him.

“Y-Young Master Ye…”

Ye Moxuan pushed his wheelchair toward her and stopped beside her. Then, he said coldly, “Raise your head.”

She didn’t react at all.

Xiao Su’s heart thumped anxiously against his chest as he thought to himself, What’s wrong with Assistant Shen? Did my warning fall on deaf ears? Did those men hurt her?

“There is a limit to my patience. I’ll give you 3 seconds to raise your head,” Ye Moxuan continued.

However, the person who was crouching in the corner didn’t seem to hear him. Ye Moxuan’s eyes twitched as he suddenly recalled something. Then, he grabbed Shen Qi’s hand and pulled her up.

Her petite figure didn’t put up any resistance at all as she was dragged toward him. Thereafter, a pale, bloodless face appeared right in front of him.

Xiao Su, who was behind him, couldn’t help but take in a breath of cold air.

Ye Moxuan’s eyes narrowed as he looked at Shen Qi who was right in front of him.

Her usual fair cheeks looked pale at the moment, and even her lips were drained of color. Her clear eyes were as calm as the surface of the water; there wasn’t a single trace of liveliness in her eyes.

Ye Moxuan’s lips moved as he said in a low voice, “Tell me, what happened to you?”

Still, Shen Qi sat there, unmoving.

There wasn’t a single trace of life in her eyes. It was then Ye Moxuan finally realized that her eyes were unfocused as if she could not see him at all.

Damn it! What’s wrong with this woman?

Suddenly, Ye Moxuan became furious and he shouted at the person behind him, “Find out what is going on!”

When Xiao Su noticed that Ye Moxuan was in such a furious mode, and that Assistant Shen looked as if her soul had left her body, he finally realized how serious the situation was. Hence, he turned around to get his men.

Ye Moxuan and Shen Qi were the only ones left in the room. He then pressed his lips together and said coldly, “Miss Second-marriage, what’s wrong with you?”

Shen Qi remained still.

Damn it!

Ye Moxuan narrowed his eyes dangerously and stared at her pale face and her unfocused eyes.

This was the first time he felt so helpless in front of a woman; he couldn’t touch her, scold her nor get mad at her.

After all, Ye Moxuan felt guilty when he saw her like that. If it weren’t for him, she wouldn’t have ended up in this manner.

After a while, Ye Moxuan asked her again, “Miss Second-marriage, are you trying to play dumb, or are you really unable to see me?”

The situation was enough to prove that Shen Qi wasn’t capable of responding. This was the first time that Ye Moxuan felt so utterly helpless, thereupon he reached out his hand to embrace her. Meanwhile, Shen Qi was quite obedient and allowed him to hug her. Just like a doll, her body lay floppily in his embrace.

Ye Moxuan felt his heart trembling as if something was slowly changing inside.

His cold hands couldn’t help but reach toward her quietly as he slowly hugged her slender waist and helped her adjust her position so that she lay in his embrace more comfortably. Then, his other hand slowly stroked the back of her head as he said in a deep voice, “If they bullied you, you can tell me about it. I’ll seek justice for you.”

The person in his embrace didn’t react at all.

“Hey, woman! You better come to your senses! Putting aside the fact that you cried the last time after you got drunk, do you think you can solve the problem now by acting in this manner?”

However, no matter what he said, Shen Qi was still unresponsive.

Xiao Su quickly brought the person in charge inside. The moment he entered the room, he shivered and asked, “Y-Young Master Ye, did anything happen?”

When he heard this, Ye Moxuan exuded an ominous aura as he shifted his eyes and fixed his gaze upon that person.

“What did you all do to her?”

That man continued to tremble from head to toe as he said, “Y-Young Master Ye, we didn’t do anything at all!”

Is he pulling our legs? Who would be stupid enough to do that? Anybody with eyes could see that this woman had a special relationship with Ye Moxuan. How could we ever dream of doing anything to her?

Ye Moxuan’s eyes narrowed as his penetrating gaze fell upon him.

Scared out of his wits, the man’s legs gave out and he landed onto the ground in a kneeling position. He could only stammer at the moment, “Young Master Y-Y-Ye… We didn’t do anything to her! Honestly! Back then, Assistant Xiao told us not to touch her, so we brought her to this room and locked her up. Then, we were waiting for further instructions from you.”

He didn’t seem to be lying, but if they merely locked her up, how did she turn out like this?

Ye Moxuan narrowed his eyes. “Did anything happen before we came here?”

The man paused as he tried to recollect his memories. Then, he said, “Nothing happened. After she was locked up, she remained extremely quiet. She didn’t cause any ruckus at all.”

She didn’t cause a ruckus?

At that, Ye Moxuan’s gaze became complicated.

A moment later, that man suddenly exclaimed, “However… we forgot all about her as she was just too quiet. Hence, we forgot to give her… lunch and dinner… just now.”

The moment he finished his sentence, that man seemed to have predicted his own death, and his body started to tremble.

“What did you say?!” Before Ye Moxuan had a chance to speak, Xiao Su, who was standing at the sidelines, exploded first. “I’ll be damned! Are you guys still humans? How dare you forget to give her something to eat and starve her for the entire day?”

“I’m sorry, Young Master Ye! It wasn’t our intention to do that! Maybe she couldn’t speak because she was just too hungry?”

Perhaps she had been starving as she didn’t have anything to eat for the entire day. Moreover, she was a pregnant woman.

Xiao Su also felt guilty, hence he could only say, “Young Master Ye, why don’t we go back first? I believe that Assistant Shen must be suffering greatly from hunger.”

There was a thunderstorm brewing behind Ye Moxuan’s gaze. However, in the end, he agreed to his suggestion and allowed Xiao Su to push him downstairs.

He didn’t know when but Shen Qi, who was lying in his embrace, had closed her eyes and fainted in his arms.

The moment he put her on the bed, Ye Moxuan realized that she had fainted.

As such, his expression changed abruptly. “Let’s go to the hospital right away. I want you to call Madam Chen and ask her to make something digestible and send it to the hospital.”

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