Never Late, Never Away Chapter 2683

Never Late, Never Away Chapter 2683

The Plan

She was right, and her guards were up. He didn’t come just to say hi.

“And what’s your plan?”

“Stop your dealings with Norton Corporation.” Jake was blatant with his request.

What? That’s never gonna happen. Not in a million years!

“Jake, what are you up to exactly?” She was skeptical about him.

“Can’t you see that I’m helping you to get hold of Larry?”

He must be kidding!

Even the dumbest of the dumbest knows the consequences of severing ties with Norton Corporation. Larry would definitely hold a grudge till the end of time.

“You may leave. It’s out of the question.” Della responded coldly.

She’d moved heaven and earth to build up this partnership with Larry, and nothing could make her give up this connection between them.

“Ms. Duff, trust me. He’ll be yours.”

“So, what’s the deal?” Della pressed her lips flat.

“Larry will only be able to see how important you’re to him once you’ve ended your partnership with Norton Corporation, no?”

Jake’s words tugged at her heartstrings, and she bobbed her head to his words.

“So? Do you think it’s doable?”

Jake asked impishly.

Della wasn’t sure, but eventually said yes.

“Are you sure it’s going to work?” Still, she was worried.

“Positive.” Jake was calm and firm.


It was her phone.

Della picked it up straight away when she saw the caller ID.

“Hi, Della. Where are you?” It was her father.

“I’m at home in Chanaea.” She regained her gentility.

“My dear, listen to me. Don’t make any rash decisions. Sometimes things are just not meant to be.” His voice was brimmed with concern.

“Dad? You lost me.” Della acted like she had no idea what he was talking about.

“Come back anytime if things get too rough. It’s perfectly okay.”

“That’s not happening. I’m not going back!”

What’s next? Is she going to debilitate Larry? The man on the other end of the line couldn’t do anything but sigh.

“Don’t be a tool.”

“Don’t worry, Dad. I won’t.” Her smile shone naive confidence.

Jake, who was seated next to her, remained silent as a scheming grin crossed his face.

Della hung up the phone after a few exchanges with her father and started to talk to Jake about their plan.

Della hadn’t grasped the current situation in the country fully, but Jake knew it like the back of his hand.

He believed that he’d carved out a flawless ploy. What he didn’t know was Larry was ready to retaliate.

Back at Norton Corporation, Larry was swamped.


Caspian hurled the door open and barged in as he tried to catch his breath.



“It’s about Ms. Duff. She’d stopped her dealings with us!”

Larry jolted up in consternation.

What on earth is she trying to do? Was it Jake that made her do so? He shook his head in dismay and walked towards the window.

“Where is she?” He turned towards Caspian, urging for a reply.

“I don’t know. I called her just now but she didn’t pick up.”

Caspian was engulfed by fear, fearing that the future of Norton Corporation would be affected gravely.

Without any hesitation, Larry drew his phone out and punched in Della’s number.


She sounded cautious.

“Where are you?”

“At home.” She gave a simple and chirpy reply as if nothing happened.

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