Never Late, Never Away Chapter 257

Never Late, Never Away Chapter 257

Finnick paused for what seemed like ages. It took him a while to quell the fire within him and collect his thoughts. He then turned to Shifty Eye, “Now, go turn yourself in! For your role in an unlawful transaction.”

“What…” The man had no desire to go to prison.

Finnick said, “Don’t worry. You will be well rewarded so long as you do as you are told. Savvy?”

“Yes! Got it!” The look in Finnick’s eyes told him that he was not going to take no for an answer.

Noah then took Shifty Eye away to the police.

Finnick eyed him coldly as they made their exit.

Under any other circumstances, he would have definitely not let anyone who hurt Vivian off. But he needed a way to vindicate her and stave off all the negative publicity she had been receiving.

Shifty Eye should thank his lucky stars to be able to get away with his skin intact.

With that in mind, Finnick dialed a number. “I have a job for you.”

The next day at the Miller residence.

Ashley was still immersed in the bliss of dreaming about her future life together with Fabian when she was rudely awakened. The sight of Emma greeted her when she opened her eyes.

Emma’s expression was a mixture of fear, anxiety, and accusation.

“It’s still early, Mom. What’s this about?” Ashley asked as she rubbed her groggy eyes.

Emma was on edge. “We have a problem, Ashley. Go take a look at the news!”

What about the news? An earthquake elsewhere? A presidential scandal? Or an oil field going up in flames? Surely there’s no need to wake me up so urgently like this and disrupt my beautiful dream! She was still enjoying the warmth that emanated from Fabian’s body as they were making out in her head.

“Come on, girl! Get up! You’re in the headlines!”

“Me?” Ashley shot up when she heard that it was related to her.

Shouldn’t it be Vivian making the news? Ashley was so ecstatic about the way netizens tore Vivian down over the past few days that she went on a shopping spree to commemorate the occasion.

She wondered why she was the one being reported instead. But when she saw Emma close to breaking down, she feared the worst.

“Sweetie, come quickly. The internet has blown up! Our family is ruined!”

That serious? Ashley got dressed before she booted up her laptop.

Besides being reported by all the media outlets, the news was circulating on Twitter and WhatsApp. It was revealed that Vivian did not actually go into escorting two years ago but was set up by her own sister.

The middle man who had pimped her out turned himself in. His testimony had vindicated Vivian and established Ashley’s guilt.

Not only that, sources had uncovered that Vivian’s mother was also forced upon by Harvey in the same vein.

An unflattering photo of Ashley’s mug had been unearthed by internet vigilantes and published on various websites.

The truth had been revealed! The reports also provided scintillating details about how Ashley bullied her sister growing up, arranged for her to be drugged and ravished by a disgusting old man, had lewd photos taken of the heinous deed, and concocted rumors to sully her reputation, causing the maligned Vivian to suffer years of unjust duress.

Ashley felt the air sucked from her lungs as the hand on her mouse trembled.

Who? Who could have done this? Who could have known so much apart from Fabian?

Ashley was certain that this was not Fabian’s doing. Ever since she got pregnant, Fabian had been great to her. When he could not be around, he would still call to check in from time to time. There was no reason for him to do this.

Besides, Fabian had already helped to destroy the evidence for fear that someone might persist in investigating the incident two years ago.

Ashley composed herself before she read on.

Both WhatsApp and Twitter were filled with messages and comments cussing at her family.

Poor Vivian, tortured by her own sister… Ashley Miller is a green-eyed monster! Look at this photo. Ashley is a freak!

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