Never Late, Never Away Chapter 2265

Never Late, Never Away Chapter 2265

Larry seemed somewhat embarrassed by his son’s question. “I guess so. She’s been tired recently. Let me check on her.” Upon saying that, he stood up and headed to the bedroom.

“Joan, are you alright?” he spoke as gently as he could. But in Joan’s eyes, his gentleness was to no avail anymore.

Surprisingly, Joan responded, “I’m fine. I want to nap for a while.”

She finally responds!

Larry could not suppress his excitement. “Joan, about last time, it was all my fault. Please don’t overthink things. I…”

“It’s fine. I could care less.” Joan did not let him finish his sentence.

What does she mean it’s fine? Does she mean she no longer cares for me? At that moment, Larry was at a loss. Has she given up on me?

“Joan, I feel like I should explain things to you. That day, I went out with Jessica…”

“Larry!” Out of a sudden, Joan gave a loud shout and sat right up on her bed.

The man’s heart skipped a beat at her loud voice as she had never shouted at him like this.


“Larry, can you stop trying to explain things? I don’t want to hear it. I am exhausted, and I want to rest. Can you leave me alone?” Joan begged desperately while her eyes brimmed with tears.

But I want to talk to her. Why won’t she give me a chance to properly explain things on my end? At that instant, Larry’s eyes darkened and his face devoid of expression.

“Fine. I will leave you alone.”

Joan rubbed her forehead to ease her headache and then laid down again, trying to clear her thoughts.

“Dad, is Mom alright?” Lucius was waiting in the living room when Larry exited the bedroom, concerned about his mother.

“Yup, she’s just tired. She is asleep now.” Larry comforted his worried son.

Joan did not come out for dinner that day. Neither Larry nor Delilah went to wake her up. They knew that it was best to leave her alone during this period.

“Ms. Young, I’m heading to the company.” After dinner, Larry informed Delilah before leaving.

The older woman was puzzled for a moment. Why is he going to the company at this late hour?

“It’s already so late. Why don’t you wait till tomorrow morning? You should stay here and accompany Joan.” Delilah tried to change his mind, providing reasoning.

“I still have a lot of work to complete. Besides, she doesn’t want to see me either.” Larry glimpsed at Joan’s room with a disappointed expression.

Instead of seeing her suffer, he figured it might be better to give her some personal space until she was ready to talk to him again.

However, Larry was unaware of Joan’s decision of moving out.

“Are you sure you want to leave?” Delilah asked again.

“Yes.” Larry took his coat and left.

Delilah shook her head while helplessly staring at the man’s figure. Young people nowadays are really complicated. A careless mistake is enough to ruin a relationship.

After all, life was all about letting go of what was lost and appreciating what was left.

Joan was someone who had gone through tremendous betrayals. She had lost her faith in love and human relationship. She swore to herself that she would never waste time on anyone unworthy. From that moment on, she would only care for those who cared for her.

A few moments later, Delilah walked over to Joan’s room and knocked on her door. “Alright. Joan, you can come out now and have dinner. Larry has left.”

“Ms. Young, it’s fine. I’m not hungry,” Joan replied in an extremely weak voice.

Wait a second. Her voice doesn’t sound right. Is she sick? Delilah opened the door and walked to her bedside. “Joan, are you okay?”

“I’m fine. I just need to rest.” The woman on the bed furrowed her brows slightly while answering.

Delilah observed Joan’s face sternly. She says she’s fine but she looks as though she’s in pain. Does she have a fever?

“Ouch…” The next second, Joan hold her belly tightly and groaned.

“Joan, get up. Let’s head to the clinic. Are you having a stomachache?”

“Ms. Young, my belly hurts so much. I can’t get up. Ms. Young, I can’t bear it.” Joan was struggling weakly on her bed.

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