Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1816

Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1816

“What is it? Are you saying I wronged you?” Larry’s eyes burned in wrath.

His remark caused Joan to fall into silence. It was true that she had been with Dustin for the past few days. But nothing had happened between them.

“It’s not what you think it is, Larry,” she began anxiously, wanting to explain herself.

The man smirked when he noticed her anxious state and nodded condescendingly. “Fine. Tell me what’s going on then.”

Joan did not know where to start now that he had suddenly asked her to speak her mind.

“What’s the matter? You don’t have anything to say? I’ll speak for you then. You guys went hiking together and even stayed in the same room after that. Both of you had loads of fun at the beach while playing volleyball together.”

Larry turned his back toward Joan as he delineated every single thing they did together.

Joan’s expression turned grim as she listened to him speak with such wrath in his tone.

There was no way he could recount everything in great detail.

“You had me followed?” she asked.

Larry looked back at her, disheartened.

He had believed her all this while. He had not sent anyone to tail her this time, but all the photos on Twitter said it all. The pictures Gabriella showed him were enough to fill him in on everything the woman he loved had been doing.

“Yeah, I did. I sent someone to stalk you. I wouldn’t have known you guys had a thing if I hadn’t sent someone to spy on you!” Larry blustered out of control.

Joan’s face shows a look of equal disappointment.

What about you? What about the photos of you and Gabriella? She showed up at our house in her pajamas, and she was even clinging to you. How do you explain that?

“I’ve never done anything to betray your trust. Dustin and I are friends. You’re the one who needs a check on your relationship with Gabriella.” With that said, Joan stalked out of the room, slamming the door behind her.

“Joan!” Larry shouted after her, but she did not turn back.

Larry was left all alone in the room.

He could not understand why she had brought up Gabriella all of a sudden.

Joan made her way back to the beach on her own. She spread her gaze across the dark blue sea as a sense of helplessness and loneliness overwhelmed her.

She had thought that Larry would be happy to spend time with her on a vacation. However, it seemed as if he was only here to create trouble.

“Hey, are you feeling okay?” Dustin made his way over when he saw her.

“I’m sorry about what happened earlier on…” Joan began slowly, an awkward smile on her face.

Dustin shook his head indifferently.

“Why’s he here all of a sudden?” he asked.

“He actually planned to come over a long time ago,” she replied quietly.

The wind was getting stronger, driving the waves against the shore fiercely as time passed. Noting the time, Dustin suggested Joan head back to rest, but the latter wanted to stay out a little longer.

“Take this,” Dustin said, putting on his coat on her.

Joan thanked him with a genuine smile. “Thanks.”

She felt lucky to have a friend like him, especially when she just had a fight with Larry.

“So, what’s next? A kiss?” A familiar voice came from behind.

“What on earth are you talking about, Larry?” Joan shot him a glare.

Larry ignored her and walked over to Dustin. “What about you? Do you think it’s appropriate to stay with my woman till this late at night?”

“She’s your woman, but you let her sit here all alone for such a long time?” Dustin stood up and stared at Larry dead in the eyes.

The latter sneered at that question.

“Who are you to say anything about our relationship?”

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