Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1572

Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1572

“Good job, Caspian. All the girls out there will swoon over you with that look.”

Larry was very confident about it.

Caspian ignored Larry as he sighed. “Boss, can I go now?”

“Sure, you can leave anytime. No one is stopping you.”

Caspian hummed indignantly at his words but didn’t dare voice out his frustration.

“Well then, I will take my leave.”

He excused himself hastily and was about to leave.

“Don’t forget about your mission tomorrow. I’ll give you an earful if you fail,” Larry warned.


Caspian replied petulantly and left.

He was worried he would go berserk if he stayed any longer.

“Larry, Caspian didn’t look too happy about it. Is he angry?” Joan asked.

“That’s not possible. Caspian isn’t that petty. He’ll even thank me tomorrow if all goes well,” Larry replied. “We’ll see how it goes.”

Caspian arrived at the restaurant the next day even though he didn’t really want to since it was Larry’s request.

He sat down and waited patiently for his date to arrive.

Caspian figured he would make conversation with the girl for a bit before excusing himself. That way, his mission would be considered complete and he’d get to avoid any awkward situation.

Five minutes seemed like forever for Caspian. Just as his patience was growing thin, he suddenly felt like someone was walking towards him.

“She’s finally here.”

Caspian took a deep breath as he grew nervous and slowly lifted his head.

He was stunned when he saw who his date was. She’s the cute girl I met on my business trip.

The latter also looked really startled to see Caspian.

“Why are you here?”

They spoke in unison as an embarrassed smile crept onto their faces.

“Good to see you. Please take a seat.”

Caspian didn’t know what to say as he quickly stood up and gestured for the girl to take a seat.

The girl nodded and sat opposite Caspian.

The both of them didn’t know what to say to one another. After a while, the girl spoke up. “You look better than when we last met.”

Caspian was a disheveled and sloppy-looking man during their last meeting. But he looked like a whole different person now.

“You look as beautiful as ever.”

Caspian wasn’t sure why he said that.

His heart fluttered when he saw the girl’s shy smile.

“Hello, I’m Nancy.”

The girl reached out and said sweetly.

“I’m Caspian. Nice to meet you.”

Caspian grinned shyly in response.

“Caspian, what a unique name.”

Nancy repeated after him as she took note of his name.

“It was given to me by the Chief when I was in the forces.”

Nancy. The name suits her well.

“You used to be a soldier?”

“Yeah, I was in the special forces for a few years.”

“Wow, soldiers are my favorite. Tell me about all that has happened during your time as a soldier.”

“Sure. What would you like to know?”

“Start from the beginning when you first joined the forces.”

They hit it off right away as if they were long lost friends.

Their affection for one another grew as time passes.

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