My Wife Is a Superstar Chapter 415

My Wife Is a Superstar Chapter 415

However, he regretted his words as soon as he finished.

Since he was talking about his daughter, raising this issue made it seem like he was concerned that his daughter could not get a suitable candidate as a husband in the future.

Thankfully, Nan Zhengde did not make him feel awkward nor embarrassed.

Instead, he reassured, “Don’t worry. As long as you don’t mind, you can always come over for a drink. You can drink as much as you want.”

Apart from being polite, these words also hinted that he was welcomed even if Nan Chen and Ouyang Qing did not get married.

Therefore, the marriage between the two individuals had nothing to do with the drinking sessions that they might have.

Of course, Ouyang Duo understood what Nan Zhengde was trying to imply and merely laughed in response.

Then he pretended that everything was fine and continued to drink.

“By the way, Chen. During the meal earlier, Ouyang Duo mentioned that he gave you several good suggestions on the Vietnam project. Did you accept them?” Nan Zhengde turned his attention to Nan Chen.

“I am still considering…” Nan Chen trailed off.

“Well, I was going to bring this issue up too. There may be some changes to it,” Ouyang Duo cut Nan Chen off rudely.

“There are more changes?” Nan Chen glanced at Ouyang Duo, who confirmed, “Yes.”

“What are the changes?” Nan Chen questioned.

Picking up his glass of red wine, Ouyang Duo swirled it like a true wine connoisseur.

He said, “The joint project does not only involve our families but our businesses as well. The conditions that I set were only my personal opinions. At that time, if Nan Chen agreed, I would have tried my best to convince the board of directors to support my decision. However, since he hesitated, the board started to query. They believe that we should share the profits equally between the two companies, rather than a sixty to forty percent split since this is a joint project.”

“Equally?” Nan Zhengde and Nan Chen exchanged looks.

Is he trying to rob us? He gave us a piece of wasteland and wants to be part of the large-scale project that we have almost completed. On top of that, he wants to take fifty per cent of the profits?

That is ridiculous!

“I don’t think that’s appropriate,” Nan Chen responded calmly.

Ouyang Duo shrugged his shoulders and complained, “I think my board of directors is asking for too much too, but I have no choice. They are aware of the project’s situation, and they believe that without our company’s support, the project will fail. And they have also figured that there will be huge losses on your side. Therefore, rather than letting go of a good project that will end up dragging your company down, your company should cooperate with us. Although you will earn less, it is definitely better than having an unfinished project.”

As he spoke, his eyes lit up.

I am great at seizing opportunities. This project with Nanshi Corporation is a great one, and it is within my grasp now.

I can’t believe that I managed to pull off such a stun with such a big organization.

This is so rare!

Of course, Ouyang Duo felt proud about his move.

Nan Chen, who typically did not smile, maintained his poker face.

However, a small smile appeared as his lips twitched upwards. “Uncle, do you think that the project in Vietnam will drag the entire Nanshi Corporation down?”

“Of course. We all know that your company has invested heavily in it. If this project fails, Nanshi Corporation’s projects in other countries will likely feel the impact too,” Ouyang Duo replied confidently.

He thought he could use such detailed and confidential information to blackmail the Nan family.

“Uncle, you have done your research well. Since you know everything, why don’t you discuss it further with your board of directors? Perhaps you can give us another way out?” Nan Chen asked solemnly.

Nan Zhengde panicked. Oh no, Nan Chen did not manage to find a way out? He has to resort to pleading with Ouyang Duo?

Ouyang Duo already has our weakness, so why would he give that away and help us?

If so, I’m afraid the only way out will be for Nan Chen to become his son-in-law. Ouyang Duo will only give us a chance if he agrees to that.

He was nervous while Nan Chen seemed unaffected with an emotionless expression on his face.

On the other hand, Ouyang Duo was overjoyed after hearing Nan Chen’s plea for help.

“Chen, please don’t miss out on the window to take the opportunity. Don’t blame me because it is already too late for me to persuade the board of directors.” He sneered while swirling his wine glass.

Nan Chen nodded, then shook his head. No one knew what he was trying to express.

Nan Zhengde frowned, then quickly relaxed.

He believed that he could still trust Nan Chen to settle everything.

“I will still like to cooperate with you. Our families are on good terms, and I believe if we work together, it will be a win-win situation for both companies,” Nan Chen stated.

“I thought so too, but since you did not give us a chance, I had no other choice. However, since Qing has been asking me to take care of the Nan family, I will try my best to persuade the board of directors on her account. I will do what I can, but there will be no promises.”

In high spirits, Ouyang Duo finished his glass of wine. He thought that he had handled the issue well and managed to force Nan Chen into a corner.

Then, Nan Chen refilled his glass. Swirling his wine glass gently, he kept quiet.

To Ouyang Duo, Nan Chen seemed frustrated, so he comforted the other party, “Chen, there is still some hope. You don’t have to feel so down.”

On the contrary, Nan Chen was not frustrated but was furious.

Ouyang Duo said that he was only persuading his board of directors again because of Ouyang Qing.

He said that in front of Nan Zhengde and Nan Chen, and that was a form of humiliation to them.

However, since Nan Zhengde was present, Nan Chen did not plan to rage at Ouyang Duo.

Instead, he kept his silence to stop himself from lashing out if he were to speak now.

Therefore, he chose to keep quiet.

Nonetheless, someone had to say something to break the silence.

Abruptly, Nan Zhengde mediated, “We shall discuss this matter slowly, and there is no need to rush into things.”

What did he say? There is no need to rush into it?

Shouldn’t they be panicking? If they are not in a hurry now, when will they take action then?

On the other hand, Nan Chen was impressed by how calm Nan Zhengde was. He is a worthy and experienced veteran. No matter what situation we are in, he always seems calm and composed.

“Old Master, where do you find the time to discuss this thoroughly?” Ouyang Duo asked as he was surprised.

Running his fingers through his beard, Nan Zhengde shrugged and affirmed, “There is no hurry. It is just one project. If you can help us, that would be great. Otherwise, we can always abandon the project. Regardless, tell your board of directors that we will never agree to share the profits equally. We are wealthy and powerful, and I would rather lose billions than be pushed around by others. In fact, I will not accept a sixty percent share either. I will only accept a seventy and thirty split. I will reject anything other than this offer.”

Ouyang Duo was in shock. Is this man out of his mind?

He doesn’t even want to agree to a sixty-forty split? Instead, he demands for seventy-thirty?

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