After Nicole left, Preston and Edwin started to talk.

“Who is Nicole , really? Even an arms dealer like Rowan knew her,” Edwin asked.

“I‘m not sure, but Nicole really makes the Riddle family proud.” Preston shook his head in a daze. He was glad the Riddle family had Nicole.

Nicole and Rowan were sitting across from each other in the café outside the school.

“Do you mind telling me how many attacks you have received?” Nicole wanted to know the truth of the matter so that she could make the right decision.

“There have been many attacks on my side, and so have other arms dealers.” Rowan had a headache at the thought of this.

“That‘s bad.” Nicole did not expect things to be far more serious than she thought.

“Having experienced so many attacks, have you ever discovered what the characteristics of the attacker are?” Nicole wanted to find the attacker‘s modus operandi and then dug into it further. Rowan took a sip of his coffee as he rummaged through his memory. “I don’t see any characteristics.”

Suddenly, his eyes lit up. “But there is one thing; the arms dealers who were attacked are the three major organizations‘ suppliers.” Nicole fell into silence upon hearing that.

Other than Zane’s organization, there were two other major organizations. If White‘s targets were the arms dealers who supplied to the three major organizations , things would get complicated. Nicole felt White was plotting something big, probably wanting to cut off the supply of the three major

organizations. Once there was no supply from the arms dealers, the three major organizations may be in danger. Seeing Nicole‘s silence, Rowan knew the attacker was nasty.

“I‘ll give you a new firewall; it is foolproof, and you don‘t have to worry about maintenance. I will take care of it.” At the very least, she had to keep Rowan‘s supply of ammunition, and keeping Rowan safe meant covering Zane‘s back.

“Thank you so much. I can finally feel more at ease for now. I will transfer the money into your account right now.” Rowan was overjoyed to hear that Nicole was going to set up a new firewall for him.

“Don‘t worry. You can do that later when the firewall is installed.”

“I can‘t wait. To be honest, had I known you had the expertise in security systems, I would not have looked for someone else.” Rowan happily transferred the money to Nicole.

Nicole talked to him again about the other two arms dealers before leaving the café.

“Thank you. I‘m counting on you.” Rowan looked at Nicole with a sincere face.

“Don‘t worry about it.”

“Isn‘t this devil instructor ?” Raine and her classmates came to the café for coffee. “You have a fiancé. How can you still fool around with other men?” Raine said to Nicole and glanced at Rowan with disgust.

At first, Rowan had a pleasant expression, but the mischief – making of Raine caused his face to turn grim

instantly. Immediately, a group of men in black came out of nowhere and surrounded Raine and her classmates.

“Mind your words, brat.” Rowan looked at Raine with frosty eyes.

Surrounded, Raine and her classmates were terrified.” Nicole, why are you mingling with such a person? Aren‘t you afraid of being found out by the elders of the Riddle family?”

“Are you suggesting that you are going to tell them?” Nicole looked at her with a stiff smile , causing Raine to shiver in fright.

“They‘re so rude to you. Do you want me to teach them a lesson, Nicole?” Rowan asked Nicole.

Hearing that, Raine tried to please Nicole. “We are cousins, and I said that for your own good. Keep in mind your relationship with the Johnston family. People could spread malicious allegations that offend the Johnston family. I‘m concerned about your relationship with Jared.

Nicole looked at Raine, who was frightened by Rowan‘s men, and then at Rowan with a smile. “It‘s alright. I know you are busy. I can totally handle this myself.”

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