Claus subconsciously turned around to look at Jared’s expression.

If there was a need, he would straight away kill this man, who had clearly crossed the line under his boss’ instruction.

Yet, he only saw that Jared was slowly pulling Nicole’s hand’s up.His handsome face was layered with frost.

The moment he turned to Nicole, however, it disappeared.He smiled as he turned Nicole toward him and asked gently.

“Are you going with him?”

Nicole looked at Jared’s extremely immaculate face in a daze.

The stray hairs on his forehead were combed back, revealing his full forehead.

His eyes were rolling with imperceptible emotions as if something was raging inside, much akin to the coming of a storm.

The place was so quiet that one could hear the sound of a falling pin.

‘What is this?’

‘The young masters of both the Johnston and the Holder family are competing for a woman?’

‘And the young master of the Ellison family wants to interfere as well?’

Many women looked enviously at Nicole, wishing that they could be in her place instead.

Many interest groups looked at the scene, thinking about how to extract a bigger benefit out of this.

Nicole ignored them as she held Jared’s hand holding her face, and then she turned toward Lloyd, who was down on one knee before her.

Everyone heard her calm voice, and it was so clear even in this hall that it had gone from being silent to cacophonous.

“I was never yours, Lloyd.”

“So, where did this talk of me coming back to you come from?”

After hearing Nicole’s rather direct words, everyone’s eyes widened in surprise.

The young master of the Holder family was rejected just like that! Many of the ladies were cursing Nicole’s ignorance, but even some men muttered secretly to themselves.

“Regardless of anything else, no matter how powerful the Johnston family is, Jared’s position as heir of the family is still not assured, while Lloyd had just been personally named as heir by Nachelle Holder earlier, and his position was secured, so normally one would choose Lloyd instead, right?’

Thinking of this, they looked at Nicole in contempt.

‘This woman is really not smart enough.’

Harvey looked at the scene before him, and he watched as Lloyd slowly got up without any change to his expression.

An inexplicable glint appeared in his eyes.He wanted to know how Lloyd would react in this situation.

Lloyd’s eyes never left Nicole for even a single moment.

He seemingly did not mind being rejected as he just gently let out a smile.

In an instant, a veil of light seemingly fell upon hima s if the clouds had roiled and parted, revealing a bright radiance.

“It’s alright.” He said gently, “I will wait, I will wait for you to return to me, and before that…”

Lloyd’s eyes finally moved away from Nicole as he looked at Jared, whose mood was nigh indistinguishable, as the smile on his face slowly faded away.

“So, you must promise me that you will not be at his side.”

When Jared heard him call Nicole that, there was a fluctuation in his emotions.He looked on thoughtfully at Lloyd.

The latter was very calm, seemingly very proud because he shared a secret with Nicole.

The smile on his face widened, so attractive it was difficult to avert one’s gaze.

‘No wonder this woman chose Mr.Johnston”

Everyone looked at this beautiful man and could not help but hold their breaths.

Jared’s face was really a killer.

Jared did not seem to care what the others were thinking.He looked at Lloyd before him; his voice suddenly turned icy, like a blade ripping into the latter’s flesh, causing a storm of blood to form.

“Speaking of which, it seems like you don’t know her name at all.”

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