My Wife is a Hacker

MY WIFE IS A HACKER CHAPTER 3267-Lawrence had made sure to keep tabs on those close to Jared and Nicole, so it seemed unlikely that such significant actions could have happened without his knowledge. He suspected there had been a lapse in the information relayed by his people or an oversight on their part.

Picking up on this, Ian said, i’ll get right on it.”

After a moment, he cautiously asked, “And what about the company?” “I’ll have someone handle it,” Lawrence said, his focus on finding any overlooked details.

“Got it,” Ian said, then quickly left the room.

As evening approached and people started to head home, Nicole and Jared picked up Nolan and Lana, heading home.

“Mommy, when are Uncle Stanley and Tia coming back?” Lana asked, looking up at Nicole.

Nicole gently tapped Lana’s forehead, smiling. “They’ve only been gone for a week, honey. Already missing them?” “Yes,” Lana nodded earnestly.

Nolan glanced at Lana and teased, “You just want the presents they’ll bring.

Lana pouted. “No, I really miss Uncle Stanley and Tia.” “Sure, sure, whatever you say,” Nolan replied, using a playful tone that suggested he was just humoring her.

“Hmph, Nolan’s so mean,” Lana huffed, pretending to be upset.

Nicole couldn’t help but laugh as she watched her two children bickering. Jared picked up Lana, saying, “If you miss Uncle Stanley and Tia, let’s give them a call.”

Handing the phone to Lana, she eagerly dialed Stanley and Tia, chatting away with a bright smile.

Nolan watched Lana talking affectionately to them, shaking his head like an adult before turning to Nicole. “Mom, have you been really busy with work lately?” “It’s manageable. Is something on your mind?” Nicole asked, curious.

“Not really, just noticed there seem to be more documents from Riddle Corporation lately,” Nolan mentioned casually.

Nicole was puzzled. “How did you notice an increase in documents?”

Considering Nolan was usually at kindergarten and hadn’t visited the company, and Nicole seldom brought work home, it was intriguing how he perceived any increase without her noticing.

“Okay.” Nolan didn’t press further; his observation was primarily a test of the program he created.

He was just getting started; his future programs would be even more sophisticated and varied.

“Absolutely, Nolan will surely achieve that,” Nicole affirmed, affectionately tweaking his nose.

Later, they all got back to the Riddle residence.

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