My Wife is a Hacker

MY WIFE IS A HACKER CHAPTER 3263-“Ms. Riddle, Doretta came to my place yesterday…” Patricia shared the information Doretta had given her with Nicole.

Nicole’s eyes showed a hint of seriousness.

‘It looks like Lawrence is finally making his move.

He’s probably getting impatient.’ “Jared has started the process to buy the MierMare Group.

We’re hoping to see results by the day after tomorrow at the earliest.

Do we have enough time?” Lulu asked, worried.

Nicole’s eyes narrowed a bit.

“It should be enough time.” “They’re keeping a low profile right now, not wanting to show themselves, so they won’t act too quickly.

We should have enough time in three days,” Patricia added.

“That’s good to hear,” Lulu responded, feeling resolved.

“I’m speeding up our work here, trying to get a plan ready quickly our company can handle this situation smoothly.” With Jared’s move to acquire MierMare Group, her job was becoming a lot easier.

With Jared’s move to acquire MierMare Group, her job was becoming a lot easier.

Once MierMare is part of the Johnston Group, any partnership would be straightforward and beneficial.

So, she could focus fully on creating a perfect, innovative plan to push the project forward effectively and ensure a positive result.

Nicole smiled encouragingly at Lulu.

“Proceed with confidence.

The acquisition of MierMare Group will definitely be successful.” “Alright, I’ll get on with my work then,” Lulu said, determined to quickly create the best plan.

They wanted to be ready to move forward right after the acquisition.

After Lulu left, Nicole turned to Patricia.

“Did Doretta tell you anything else?” “No,” Patricia replied.

“That’s everything she knew for now.

But she and Charlie have a backup plan.

If Lawrence’s team comes to San Joto, they plan to catch them.” “Good, that’s a solid plan,” Nicole said, nodding in approval.

Being proactive was often the best approach, so Nicole supported the forwardthinking strategy of Doretta and Charlie.

“Ms. Riddle, since we know what’s happening, please be careful about going out, especially by yourself,” Patricia suggested.

“I can handle any errands or tasks you have.” “Don’t worry, I’ll keep doing my usual things; it’s best not to tip off Lawrence by changing my routine,” Nicole reassured her, highlighting the need to act normally to prevent Lawrence from suspecting they were onto him.

“But still…” Patricia insisted, concerned primarily for Nicole’s safety.

“Understood,” Patricia nodded, though she still felt the urge to keep a close watch on Nicole’s safety.

Shifting the conversation, Nicole remarked, “I see things are settled between you and Ellar,” her gaze subtly dropping to Patricia’s left hand.

With a slight self-conscious movement of her hand, Patricia acknowledged, “Yes, we’ve decided to be together.” “That’s wonderful.

You’ve both been through so much, and it’s heartening to see your relationship come full circle,” Nicole expressed, glad to see their affection finally culminating ina commitment.

Quickly, Patricia responded, somewhat flustered, “Ms. Riddle, I want to stay here.

Even if you hire a new assistant, they won’t be as familiar with everything as I am, so please, could you not replace me?”

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