My Wife is a Hacker

MY WIFE IS A HACKER CHAPTER 3261-Patricia gradually regained her composure. As she looked down into Ellar’s eyes, the raw intensity in his gaze enveloped her, rendering her momentarily breathless.

“Ellar…” She tried to speak, but couldn’t find the words.

Ellar, worried she might say no, quickly said, “We’ve been through a lot together.

You know how I feel, and I get how you feel. I don’t want to lose the chance to be with you; I hope we can be together forever.” “I…” Patricia felt her face get warm. She really did understand how he felt, and she cared about him too.

Before, she was hesitant because of her commitment to Charlie. She chose to stand by Charlie through thick and thin.

‘But now…’ Thinking about what Charlie had said before, Patricia realized he was okay with her moving on and she started to feel ready to back him in his decisions.

And for her, since Charlie wanted her to be happy and safe, and all she wanted was a calm life, following her heart seemed the right choice.

Seeing Patricia still unsure, Ellar softly said, “Tell me what’s on your mind, and we’ll sort it out together. Just don’t walk away, okay?”

Patricia, now determined, shook her head, “I’m not holding back; it’s just all so unexpected.”

She was just surprised by his sudden question, and the secret plans he had made were a shock.

“So, you’re saying ‘yes’?” Ellar looked even more hopeful.

“I…” Patricia felt her cheeks get warm and she bit her lip softly. She nodded.

“Yes.” “Wow!” Ellar shouted, jumping up and excitedly lifting Patricia, twirling her around.

Laughing, Patricia tapped his shoulder, “Let me down first.” “Hehe.” After putting her down, Ellar, still smiling big, ran his fingers through his hair and said, “I just got too excited.”

He looked into Patricia’s eyes and carefully put the ring on her left ring finger.

Then he gently kissed the ring and promised, “Patricia, I’ll always love and take care of you.”

Patricia shared, “All I wish for is for US to have a simple, happy life together. “

She believed this simple joy was more precious than big promises.

“We sure will,” Eliar told her, giving Patricia a big hug, sure of their future happiness and love.

Their special moment was cut short by a knock.

“So, can we begin planning your wedding now?” came Charlie’s voice after the knock.

Without thinking, Patricia pushed Ellar back, feeling a bit uneasy and embarrassed. “Why did you show up out of nowhere?” “You left the door open,”

Charlie said with a shrug, pretending he did nothing wrong.

Patricia gave Ellar a frustrated look. ‘Why didn’t he close the door?’ Ellar just smiled, sorry about forgetting to close the door because he had been so nervous.

Ellar nodded. “I think I should go tell my mom by myself first.”

Doretta laughed. “If you go by yourself, Aunt Emma will definitely want to see Patricia too when she finds out. Why not go together?”

Ellar thought it over and then agreed, “That does make sense.”

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