My Wife is a Hacker

MY WIFE IS A HACKER CHAPTER 3260-As Nicole was surrounded by her family’s joyful faces, her eyes brimmed with happiness.

She thought to herself, ‘This is how a peaceful and beautiful life should be.

I will strive to maintain it.’

Patricia had just gotten back to her apartment when she found Ellar waiting for her, which surprised her. “Why are you here?” she asked.

“Just waiting for you,” Ellar said, like it was totally normal.

Patricia looked puzzled. “Is there a problem?” “Yes,” Ellar nodded seriously. “We need to talk about something.”

Patricia couldn’t explain why, but she suddenly felt nervous. She bit her lip and asked, “What’s up?”

Ellar’s serious tone made her heart beat faster, filled with both excitement and worry.

“Let’s go inside,” Ellar suggested, taking Patricia’s hand and leading her confidently into the apartment.

Patricia was shocked. “How did you get keys to my place?” “I borrowed them from my brother-in-law,” Ellar said confidently.

“Brother-in-law?” Patricia was confused for a second before she got it and said, “Stop joking around, who’s your brother-in-law?”

She knew only she and Charlie had her apartment keys, so Ellar must’ve gotten them from Charlie. Patricia found it funny but also a bit annoying how Ellar casually called Charlie his brother-in-law.

“He’s your brother, so he’s my brother-in-law,” Ellar explained, as if it made perfect sense.

Patricia looked at Ellar, not amused. “I’m not your wife, and Charlie isn’t your brother-in-law, okay?”

When they walked in, Patricia stopped talking and was amazed. ‘Is this my place? It looks so different!’ Right from the door, there was a trail of rose petals leading inside, all the way to the coffee table. The whole room was decorated with fresh flowers that Ellar had arranged.

Her apartment was transformed into a world of flowers, filled with bright colors and the sweet smell of blossoms.

Past the trail of petals, there were flowers making a heart shape, with a clear spot in the middle where a balloon hung, a small bag dangling from it, moving gently.

“What’s all this about?” Patricia was amazed by how her home had changed.

While she was talking, soft music started playing in the apartment.

Holding her hand, Ellar said, “Come, have a closer look.”

“What’s this?” She found a small velvet box inside, her interest growing.

Ellar, smiling warmly, said, “Open it, take a look.”

Opening the box, Patricia saw a sparkling diamond ring and was speechless.


The proposal took Patricia completely by surprise. She was so shocked she couldn’t think of what to say.

Ellar waited with the ring, looking at Patricia, hoping she would agree.

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