My Wife is a Hacker

MY WIFE IS A HACKER CHAPTER 3258-Nicole nodded, understanding the situation. “So that’s what happened.”

She had been curious about how Patricia came to meet Doretta, and it turned out Doretta had gone to see Emma.

“Also, I found out about the two guys from yesterday; they are Lawrence’s men.

They didn’t have any specific task except to follow you. I think they were just probing,” Patricia said with a dark look in her eyes.

“Lawrence must be planning to make a move,” Nicole remarked, her expression somber. She knew that his decision to have her followed was partly to test the waters and partly as a precaution.

Even if she showed no reaction, he would not wait indefinitely; he was probably ready to act.

“What should we do then?” Patricia asked, her expression turning serious, sensing they might need to prepare for Lawrence’s next moves.

“Leave it to Charlie and the others. We should continue as if nothing is amiss on our part,” Nicole instructed, feeling that they should observe the situation quietly, still, they needed to stay in touch with Charlie and Doretta if anything came up.

“Understood, Ms. Riddle. I’ll get back to my tasks if there’s nothing else,”

Patricia acknowledged, ready to focus on her own work after reporting the situation.

“Alright,” Nicole nodded, giving her permission to leave.

After Patricia left, Nicole leaned back in her chair, a shadow crossing her eyes.

She was certain that the people following her were Lawrence’s, and they had no specific mission other than to track her. ‘It seems even with my low profile, Lawrence is still wary of me.’ She thought it made sense. Lawrence, being so cautious, would be suspicious that others might know what Everett did, naturally making him more guarded.

Her hands clenched unconsciously into fists, and a chill seemed to emanate from her. ‘Lawrence Royce, if you wish for your deeds to remain unknown, you shouldn’t have done them in the first place. Sooner or later, the truth will come out.’ The door opened with a knock, and Lulu entered cautiously, holding an envelope. “Nicole, there’s an anonymous letter here for you. Do you want to check it out?”

Nicole’s brows furrowed slightly. “What kind of letter?” “I’m not sure. It was just delivered downstairs, addressed to you, but there’s no indication of who sent it.”

Lulu hesitated, lowering her voice as she said, “Could it be something problematic?”

Considering the mysterious nature of the delivery, she felt they should be cautious.

Nicole understood Lulu’s concerns. With the timing and anonymity of the letter, it could indeed be problematic, but ignoring it might mean missing crucial information. After a moment’s hesitation, she opened the envelope and examined the contents.

“What’s going on?” Lulu asked cautiously, noticing Nicole’s intense focus on the documents.

“It’s indeed from Lawrence,” Nicole stated gravely.

“Is that all?” Lulu blinked, somewhat puzzled, wondering, ‘Isn’t that a relatively minor issue?’

She was certain that Lawrence had other plans in motion, planning to strike decisively while she was distracted.

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