My Wife is a Hacker

MY WIFE IS A HACKER CHAPTER 3255-“Are you sure about that?” Patricia remained somewhat skeptical.

“Of course,” Ellar reaffirmed, sensing that Patricia was just speculating, and he doubled down with more certainty.

Patricia eyed Ellar critically. Despite his convincing tone, she couldn’t shake off a lingering sense of doubt.

Seeing Patricia’s hesitancy, Ellar quickly changed the subject, “Do you have any other concerns?” “No, that’s all,” Patricia replied.

“Great, my mom has asked me to invite you over for dinner,” Ellar offered.” If you’re free, why don’t you come along?”

Patricia felt a bit uneasy. “I’d better not, considering our history…”

Although they had clarified their situation to their families, she still felt somewhat guilty toward Emma and was apprehensive about facing her.

“It’s okay, my mom knows that our relationship was just a temporary arrangement. And now that everything with Doretta has been cleared up, she doesn’t see you as my girlfriend anymore. But she mentioned she likes you a lot and hopes you’ll visit often,” Eliar reassured her, then added, “By the way, Doretta will also be there tonight.” “She will?” Patricia’s pupils contracted slightly at the mention.

“Yes, she mentioned she’s free tonight and will come to visit my mom,” Ellar replied.

After a moment of contemplation, Patricia agreed, “Alright then.”

Meeting Doretta would be a good opportunity to discuss the day’s events and to strategize their next moves against Lawrence.

Unaware of Patricia’s internal concerns about Lawrence, Ellar was pleased with her acceptance and said, “Let’s go, then.” In the car with Ellar, Patricia made her way to his home. Upon arrival, they found Doretta already there, engaged in conversation with Emma in the living room.

The truth about Doretta’s real identity had been clarified earlier. Emma expressed her relief, “I always knew you were a good person. I was saddened for so long over your supposed wrong path, but thankfully it was all a facade.”

“I’m sorry for causing you distress,” Doretta apologized.

“It’s alright. I understand you were committed to your duty, and you were the one who was wronged,” Emma empathized, acknowledging that Doretta must have felt isolated and misunderstood by everyone at the time.

“Not at all, as long as I could complete my mission, everything was worth it, “

Doretta replied with a smile.

As Ellar and Patricia entered, Emma warmly invited, “Patricia, come in, have a seat.”

After settling down on the couch, Patricia greeted Emma.

“Don’t be formal; I’m happy you’re here. Feel free to visit anytime,” Emma said with a tender smile.

“I still owe you my thanks. After all, he is my brother,” Patricia expressed sincerely.

“It’s evident that you and your brother share a deep bond,” Doretta observed with a smile.

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