Ryder looked at his baby brother with a strange look in his eyes.He called the chauffeur over as he squinted his eyes and asked, “Tell me everything that had happened to Gary in school lately.”

Just as Nicole was just about to sit down in the cafeteria and order her meal, a vibration came from her phone.She looked on with some puzzlement and found it turned out to be a message from Stanley.

He said that Gloria had prepared her a meal, and he was already waiting for her downstairs at her dormitory and wanted her to quickly come and take it.

Nicole looked at her seat, which was barely even warm, as she sighed and walked out.

Along the way, she encountered a lot of strange stares.She ignored them as she walked toward the dormitory block. Even when she was a distance away, she could see Stanley standing beneath the cherry blossom tree.

He was wearing a white shirt; his entire temperament was immaculate.

Around him were many girls pretending to be passing by but actually taking a peek at him, hoping that he would look back at them.

Stanley was not only handsome; he was also the president of the student council of the Royal Creek Institute and was the sweetheart in the dreams of many a girl in school.

Yet, Stanley did not notice these girls secreting watching him, and when he saw Nicole walking lazily toward him, only then did a smile appear.

He did not wait for Nicole to walk toward him but instead quickly went over in her direction.

When the girls in that direction saw Stanley smiling and walking in their direction, they were on fire as they looked shyly at Stanley.

The affection in their eyes was palpable.

Yet it was like throwing a wink to the blind.

Stanley ignored them as he walked to his little sister.

He handed the thermos container to her as he smiled.

“Mom said that she saw your complexion pale yesterday, so she prepared this soul for you.You must finish it.”

Nicole looked at the thermos container, and although she bore no expression, Stanley could inexplicably sense a rejection from her.He could not help but let out a smile as he patted her on the head.He said softly to her, “Be good, Nicole, Listen to us.Your health is the most important.”

Taste and what else are all secondary.

Nicole looked at his caring eyes and took the thermos container somewhat helplessly.

She had soup last night, this morning, and now in the afternoon too? However, it was the Mom and Stanley’s kindness, so Nicole had no reason to refuse as he said softly to Stanley.

“Thank you.”

Stanley looked at him, and a trace of warmth appeared on his face as he said, “What are you thanking me for? We are family.”

He then thought for a while before saying, “Mom asked us to bring you back tonight.What are your plans?”

Nicole pondered for a bit and said, “I might have something to do at night.Don’t worry, I’ll go back myself.”

Stanley knew that she always had secrets, so he did not ask.

After a few more reminders to take care of herself and to drink the soup, he then bade her goodbye.

Many saw the intimate behavior between the two, and many girls were so jealous they turned green with envy.

‘What was going on? Is this woman not content to seduce Harvey? She is even after the president?’ ‘How many men does she wants around her before she stops?!’ Many girls angrily took pictures of this scene and uploaded them to the school forum.

Casting aspersions against Nicole aside, they even questioned if Jimmy had uploaded a fake video.

‘‘Nicole clearly has a problemàtic character!’’ Many had originally changed their view about Nicole after watching Jimmy’s video, yet when they saw this set of photos, they immediately lit up like a powder keg.

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