MY WIFE IS A HACKER CHAPTER 2626-After chatting for a while, Ellar left.

Nicole went on to gulp the cold drink that Ellar had brought for her before

leaning back against the couch, her eyes darkening as she drifted off into a


Time flew by, and three days passed in the blink of an eye.

Chloe’s so-called ‘Ghost Hand’ had finally arrived in San Joto, and so, she

naturally turned to Mr. Riddle Sr., whom she proceeded to urge to pay for the


“Grandpa, let me handle this matter,” Nicole said after receiving a call from Mr.

Riddle Sr.

“Okay. But if something really happens, she might be on guard, so be careful,”

Mr. Riddle Sr. reminded her.

“Don’t worry, Grandpa,” Nicole comforted.

After hanging up, Nicole turned to look at Patricia and asked, “How’s the

investigation going?”

“They’ve indeed made preparations. We can’t find any abnormalities. If we didn’t

already know that this Ghost Hand was fake, it would be hard to suspect her,”

Patricia said in a solemn tone of voice.

The people who were investigating Chloe had not made any progress and thus,

were not able to produce any substantial evidence.

Nicole’s eyes narrowed as she thought, ‘Ah, I see now why Chloe got her

imposter to make an appearance in San Joto so quickly. It seems that she has

prepared in advance.’

“What should we do?” Patricia asked, feeling a little troubled.

She was wondering if the people involved should allow Nicole to admit that she

was the actual Ghost Hand in person. On second thought, however, it might not

be a good idea for Nicole to confess to that right now.

“Just let them arrange the surgery.” Nicole stated, her gaze frigid and blank.

“Surgery?!” Patricia was shocked. ‘Are we really going to let Chloe undergo


“Yeah. Have people keep an eye on them and monitor their every move,” Nicole


As for the rest, everything would be made clear in due time.

“On it,” Patricia responded, and left the office.

Squinting, Nicole then made a call.

“I need your card,” she said as soon as the call connected.

“Now?” her correspondent asked, seeming rather hesitant.

“Yes, and if I don’t get it tomorrow, someone will know your exact location very

soon,” Nicole said calmly.

After a brief moment of silence, her correspondent yelled,” You jerk!”

With that, the other party hung up, and a faint, cold smile crossed Nicole’s lips.

Meanwhile, in Damien’s house, the entire family was in the living room,

discussing their scheme.

“Chloe, has everything been taken care of?” Miley asked with concern.

“Don’t worry, it’s all done,” Chloe replied, seemingly proud of what she was


As long as she entered the operating room at the designated moment,

everything would be a success when she came out.

It did not matter if the surgery failed. No one had said that Ghost Hand could

definitely cure her legs anyway.

“Good,” Miley said and clasped her hands together.

Then, she began muttering as if she was praying.

Chloe glanced at Miley with dissatisfaction written all over her face, and said,

“Mom, if your prayers were useful, I would have been able to stand up a long

time ago, and our family wouldn’t have been in its current, sorry state.”

With her face blanching, Miley sighed. “I just hope that things will go smoothly.”

“Alright, regardless of whether it goes smoothly or not, I can only bank on

myself,” Chloe finished.

Even if she wanted to rely on someone else now, no one could help her except


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