MY WIFE IS A HACKER CHAPTER 2513-“Alright then, if there’s nothing else, you can head back to work. I’ll inform you if there are any updates about the evidence we are gathering,” Nicole said.

“Sure. Thank you, Nicole,” Lulu took a deep breath, trying to calm down before exiting the office.

Leaning against her office chair, Nicole frowned as something flitted in her mind. Unfortunately, it was too fleeting for her to grasp. When she tried to dwell on it for a moment, she found nothing particularly noteworthy. With a sigh, Nicole redirected her attention to her work.

The sun was still strong and bright in the late afternoon when Nicole was sitting on the couch with a pensive look on her face.

And when she heard a knock on her door, she announced,” Come in,”

After the door had swung open, Lulu strode in quickly. ” NandoCorp has been sealed off for investigation.”

“Sealed off?!” Nicole blurted.

Initially, she thought that they would only face fines or be forced to restructure, but having the entire company sealed off was something she did not see coming.

“Well, we suspect that the officials have discovered other illegal activities during the tax evasion investigation,” Lulu

remarked. “After all, they seem capable of anything.”

NandoCorp’s internal operations were probably rife with shady deals from the very beginning.

“Bad luck I guess,” Nicole shrugged, not expecting NandoCorp to crumble so easily under investigation.

“However, Everett has been unusually quiet these past few days. Something seems off to me,” Lulu said with utmost seriousness. “Don’t tell me he couldn’t take the hit and had a mental breakdown?”

“He won’t,” Nicole replied, as a frosty glint crossed her eyes.’ People like Everett would only become more dangerous and unpredictable in silence.’

Worried, Lulu asked, “Could he be plotting something?”

To that, Nicole agreed, “That is a possibility.”

“Oh no. I’ll have someone keep an eye on him. I’ll make sure he won’t get a chance to rescue and seize NandoCorp,” Lulu asserted.

Before Lulu could hurry out of the office, however, Nicole stopped her.

“Hold on.”

“Is there something else?” Lulu turned to Nicole.

“Don’t be hasty. You won’t find his whereabouts now,” Nicole said meaningfully.

Lulu widened her eyes in shock. “What do you mean I can’t find his whereabouts?”

“I’ll let Max in on this. You should focus on what’s on your hands now, and get ready for the transition. At this point in time, you may just relax and wait for the big moment,” Nicole suggested with a chuckle.

She believed this was the most important event for Lulu to direct her attention to at the moment.

In return, Lulu ran her fingers through her hair, and argued,” But I want to help, and I’ve been the one handling it all along. r»

Lulu knew Nicole prioritized her happiness and wellbeing, yet she had a feeling that she had to be the one handling all of these issues.

“Come on. Give Max a chance to shine,” Nicole joked.

Hearing that, Lulu explained, “It’s not that I don’t believe in Max and his capabilities.”

“Well, it’s settled, then,” Nicole interrupted. “He will be taking care of it all. Anyway, you can get back to what you were doing before.”

“Fine, but remember to call me if something happens,” Lulu added.

“Don’t worry about it,” Nicole smiled.

But the instant Lulu had walked off, the smile faded, replaced with a cold and dark grimace.

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