MY WIFE IS A HACKER CHAPTER 2375-“Where could she be? I heard Dillion has been searching for her,” Lulu said.

If anything, Dillion ought to be enraged with Snow because she almost cost DillCorp a significant amount of money.

“It’s alright. You’ll see. She II be back,” Nicole shrugged, feeling indifferent to it all.

In Nicole’s opinion, Snow would eventually show up, no matter how long she stayed in her hole. Snow’s absence only meant she was at a place where no one was keeping their eyes on. She would definitely not be staying in a hotel, as that was the easiest place for her to be caught. As such, she would most likely be holed up in a private house or a mobster’s hideout.

As things had happened so suddenly, Snow must have not brought enough money when she decided to leave. This would thus lead her with no other way out in the long run.

Lulu nodded after hearing Nicole’s explanation. “That’s true. She can’t hide forever.”

Without further thought, Lulu left the office, whereupon Nicole gave the documents a glance and began working.

After an entire morning of hard work, Nicole and Lulu decided to head out for lunch.

Leaving the elevator, Lulu asked, “Where are we going for lunch?”

“Somewhere near our office,” Nicole replied, wanting to head to a place where it was convenient for them.

“I see. How about we get some grub from the restaurant across the street then?” Lulu asked, knowing that Nicole was thinking about the restaurant they often went to.

After leaving the company, they headed across the street side by side.

The pedestrian light turned green, and the bustling crowd all began crossing the street one after another. Nicole and Lulu arrived at the crossing just in time, catching up to the last few seconds before the green light transitioned to red.

“Phew, or else we would have to wait again.” Lulu smiled.

Nicole was not bothered by the notion of being inconvenienced. If they managed to catch up to the green light, she would just walk ahead, and if she missed it, she would just wait.

The pedestrian light remained green as the two hurriedly crossed the street, aiming to make it to the other side before the red light flashed. While they were doing so, they were unaware of the black car that had just revved up on the roadside and was accelerating toward them.

The loud roar of the engine caught Nicole’s attention. Instinctively, she turned her gaze and saw the car rushing over in their direction, and that was when her pupils contracted.

“Oh, my God! Be careful!” Lulu stepped up to push Nicole off the car’s trajectory, but Nicole, who was already one step ahead of her, shoved her away.

Nicole was about to dodge, but the car was already upon her. She managed a jink as the car brushed past her, but then, the car’s force spun her around twice, causing her to lose her balance and tumble to the ground.

Nicole!” Lulu let out a sharp cry.

Nicole was lying motionless on the ground as Lulu struggled to her feet and scrambled toward her. “Nicole, are you alright? Say something! Don’t scare me like that!”

Sighting an unconscious Nicole who was bleeding from the arm down, Lulu anxiously cried, “Help! Call an ambulance! Someone call an ambulance now!”

Hearing that, the surrounding passersby gathered around and immediately dialed the emergency number.

Soon, the ambulance took Nicole and Lulu away, leaving a dumbfounded crowd behind.

“What just happened9”

I have no idea. I just saw a car rushing over suddenly.”

“Where’s the car now?”

It was only then that the crowd realized that the car that had caused the accident was long gone.

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