MY WIFE IS A HACKER CHAPTER 1915-Zane showed his respects to Jared. “Thank you. Without your help this time I wouldn’t be able to complete my task this easily, nor would I have been able to catch the double agent doing this.”

Jared smiled. “As long as we’re able to find out who the double agent was.”

Zane had hoped that Interpol would have some conscience and not threaten Nicole. He noticed that Jared had wanted to say something.

“Mr. Johnston, I’m not quite sure why you’ve invited me here. Was there something important you wanted to tell me? ” Zane continued.

Jared noted Zane’s question and knew that he had not much time left. Thus, he cut straight to the point. “Nicole and I have already registered our marriage. We’re going to host a wedding reception soon, and we want to cordially invite you to attend.”

A smile crept across Zane’s face. “So soon?” Zane was well aware of Nicole and Jared’s love story, but he had not foreseen that their wedding would happen so soon. On top of that, Nicole had not made a peep about it.

“It’s been happening quite fast since…” Jared pondered for a moment before continuing, “Nicole is already pregnant.”

‘Though Nicole has yet to have her prenatal visits back at

San Joto, the chances of being pregnant is more than 90%.’

At this moment, Zane was stunned, he never would have thought Nicole would be pregnant. “She’s pregnant?!”

“Yeah,” Jared said, not withholding any information from Zane. “That’s why we can’t hold off the wedding any longer. We hope you understand.”

Zane went silent, noticing that there was something wrong with Jared’s voice. He spoke up and said, “If I had known she was pregnant, then I wouldn’t have involved her in such a dangerous task…”

Zane was blaming himself. He was regretting his choices as he had always treated Nicole like his daughter. He had brought up Nicole since she was a child, he knew how much she had contributed to the organization and the countless risks she had experienced before… However when Zane thought about a pregnant Nicole, his heart ached. “Why didn’t you talk her out of it?”

Jared saw that Zane really cared about Nicole. He took a deep breath and said, “She told me that she planned to tell you about withdrawing from the organization after the mission’s over.”

“Withdrawing…” Zane had roughly guessed what Jared wanted to ask him but when he heard those words coming from Jared, Zane felt lost for once.

“Yes, she’s not a baby anymore. She’s not the girl she once used to be. How could she forever stay by my side and live out a life like this?”

‘It’s happened before. When Lloyd found out about this background and identity, he quickly left the organization. But for Nicole, she had since gone home to her family, not caring about any wealth or riches but not withdrawing from the organization all this while. It must’ve been really hard for her to come to this decision.’

Jared noticed the look on Zane’s face. ‘I guess that he had always been prepared for this moment,” Jared guessed.

“Since you already know, I’ll say it directly. When do you plan to tell Nicole to withdraw?”

Zane fell silent for a moment when Jared questioned him. Though there were a number of people working at the organization, there was only Nicole who could complete her tasks so well.

Zane smiled wryly. “Nicole’s irreplaceable.”

Jared instantly knew how much Zane valued Nicole, he could not help sighing. “I’ll continue to help you but as for Nicole… I can’t let her continue to keep taking risks like this.”

‘Why cant he understand this?’

“I know… she had done a lot for the organization.’

Zane looked away, looking a bit lost. “That’s why I feel even more reluctant to let her go because we need her, but I don’t want her to continue sacrificing herself to the organization anymore.”

Zane sighed deeply, as if he had made his decision. “If she wants to come back, I’ll welcome her back with open arms,

but of course… I’ll send her my blessing.”

‘Nicole had been with me for so long. It’s about time I gave her back her freedom.’

“Zane…” a gentle voice suddenly called from behind.

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