Chapter 1411

With his eyes trained on Luke and his men as they left, restoring the corridor to silence once more, Harvey turned to the bodyguard by the door and said, “Tell Max to beef up the security in this floor, and do not allow anyone else other than the doctor and the nurses to enter.”

“Got it,” the bodyguard said.

After he had given the orders, Harvey pushed the door open and entered the ward.

Looking at him, Nicole asked, “What happened out there?”

“Nothing much. Are you hungry? Would you like something to eat? ” Harvey asked, trying to shift her attention away from the topic.

Nicole could see that he was hiding something, but instead of questioning him further, she replied, “I’m not hungry. Have you had breakfast yet?”

Seeing that Nicole was suddenly so concerned about him, a faint smile appeared on the corners of his lips. “I’ve eaten already. Don’t worry about me.”

He was very elated with the fact that Nicole had still found it in herself to be concerned about him, even during a time like this.

“Harvey, please bring me my laptop,” Nicole said as she looked at him.

Harvey walked over to the table and picked the laptop up, before handing it over to Nicole. He looked at her as she turned it on, thinking that she was bored and wanted to watch a movie.

“It’s good that you are watching some movies to keep your mind occupied. Otherwise, I’ll need to think of something to keep you entertained.” Harvey smiled and said to her.

Nicole shot him a glance and remained silent as her slender fingers began darting all over the keyboard, producing clacks with every press of a key.

Zeke had not contacted her for a few days now, and she was a little worried for his safety.

After locking onto Zeke’s position, she sent him a message. [Are you alright?]

A moment later, Nicole received a reply from Zeke. [I’m fine for now. Almost got caught by those guys last night. Thankfully I’ve managed to evade them after pulling a few clever tricks.]

[However, I don’t think I’ll be that lucky next time. Nicole, I’m pretty certain I won’t have the chance to work on that mission already. If you have the time, can you help me out and get the badge?]

Zeke had a strange feeling that he had made the wrong decision this time around, and that he would never have a chance to see or acquire that badge again.

Nicole looked at the message that Zeke had sent her and began to ponder, as this was not the first-time he had requested her aid for this mission. ‘Should I take on this mission?’

Thinking of Zeke’s current situation, she realized that he had ended up the way he did because of this mission. ‘Why didn’t you listen to me when I spoke to you about it?’

However, Zeke was not in a particularly precarious situation. It was just that he had no way to continue doing this mission. After some thought, Nicole made up her mind.

[Alright. I’ll do my best, but you must promise me one thing.]

[Forget one. As long as you can help me procure the badge, I’ll promise you a hundred things! ]

[Come and collect the badge yourself.]

Zeke looked at the message Nicole had sent him, and his eyes reddened, for he knew what Nicole had meant. [Of course. That’s my badge, and I won’t be handing it to you like that. Alright, I’ll cut things short. I need to get something to eat.]

After sending her that message, Zeke went offline. Nicole then found Zeke’s mission details and began to peruse it carefully, so much so that she did not bother to respond to Harvey when he spoke to her.

Seeing that Nicole was so engrossed in what she was doing, Harvey thought that she was watching a very interesting movie, so he got up and went over, trying to have a peek.

However, before he could do so, Nicole shot him a frown and asked, “What are you doing?”

Being stared at so sternly and suddenly by Nicole caught Harvey off guard, and he swallowed before saying, “I’m just wondering what movie you’re watching.”

“I’m not watching a movie. You’ve been here for a while now. It’d be better if you go home and do what you need to do,” Nicole said, not wanting anyone to get in the way of her rest, as well as Jared’s.

Judging from Nicole’s tone, Harvey knew that she really wanted him to leave, so he could only flash her an awkward smile.”

Alright, I won’t disturb you anymore. I’ll come back to visit you again another day.”

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