My Substitute CEO Bride Chapter 9

My Substitute CEO Bride

My Substitute CEO Bride Chapter 9-It was 50 minutes past eight. 

Skadi drove to the outside of the apartment and, as usual, made a phone call to have Hera come down.

It was not until 9:20 that Hera finally hobbled out of the residential area in her high heels.

Nash followed behind with his hands in his pockets and asked, “Are you sure you don’t want me to take a look at it?”

Due to elevator maintenance, they had to take the stairs, and Hera accidentally sprained her foot in her rush to save time.

“I have an important client to see at 9:30, and I can’t afford to waste any more time!” Hera gritted her teeth and endured the pain.

He smirked and said, “Well, why were you being so slow, then? It took 30 minutes just for you to have breakfast and put on makeup…”

She pouted and did not reply.

It was all because this man had been staring at her while she ate breakfast.

Normally, she would scarf it down to save time, but today, she had to savor each bite.

Plus, he even watched as she applied makeup. When had she ever done makeup in front of a man before?

As they walked out of the residential area, they saw Skadi leaning against the car door in a black leather jacket.

She was wearing sunglasses and had her hair tied back in a ponytail, exuding a heroic and elegant aura.

When she saw Hera and Nash coming out, she lowered her sunglasses and gave Nash a meaningful look.

“Nash Calcraft, don’t you understand how to cherish and protect women? Don’t you know that it’s painful for women when it’s their first time?”

Nash was puzzled. “What first time?”

“Stop pretending!” Skadi stepped forward and helped support Hera. “Hera, do you want to take a day off and rest at home?”

Hera blushed and glared at Skadi. “Stop making things up. I just sprained my foot while going down the stairs!”

“I know, I know. I’ll go buy you some painkillers later!” Skadi acted as if she knew everything there was to know.

Well, it was normal for women to be a little shy.

She refused to believe that nothing had happened when a man and a woman were alone together.

Hera instinctively went to open the passenger door, but Skadi grabbed the door handle and said with a smile, “You should sit in the back now…”

After saying that, she helped open the rear door and forcefully pushed Hera inside.

Nash got into the car from the other side.

Skadi closed the door, clapped her hands, and then sat in the driver’s seat. “Hold on tight. We’re in a hurry today, so I might drive a bit faster!”

Hera looked down at her ankle, which was now swollen.

Nash caught a glimpse of her pained expression and spoke up, “Let me take a look at it. If it’s a bone misalignment, it needs to be treated promptly!”

Without waiting for her consent, he grabbed her delicate and fair ankle and placed it on his own leg.

Hera was wearing a knee-length skirt, and her ankle felt like a cotton ball. Nash was amazed at the smooth touch.

“Ah… Gentler…”

Hera felt severe pain in her ankle, and she bit her rosy lip as she let out a painful cry.

Her small hand tightly held onto her skirt to prevent it from riding up.

Skadi glanced through the rearview mirror and exclaimed, “You really sprained your foot?”

Hera replied irritably, “What else could it be?”

Skadi smiled but did not say anything.

It seemed she had misunderstood the two of them.

Nash removed Hera’s high heel, holding her ankle in one hand and her foot in the other as he gently twisted it.

Hera was wearing thin, delicate socks, so she could clearly feel the warmth of Nash’s large palm on her sole.

“It’s a bone misalignment! Bear with the pain for a moment!” Nash stared at her fair ankle and spoke in a deep voice.

She immediately tightened her grip on her skirt and pleaded, “Can you please be gentler…”

“I’m gonna count to three. Are you ready?”


Hera broke out in a cold sweat and quickly took a deep breath to adjust her emotions.



Nash exerted force with both hands, and Hera heard the sound of bones rubbing against each other along with her own scream.

Was he not supposed to count to three?

She was not ready yet…

Tears streamed down Hera’s face as she clenched her teeth and glared at Nash resentfully.

“Try moving your ankle around…”

Nash released Hera’s foot, and she quickly retracted it, attempting to move her ankle.

It did not hurt anymore…

She looked at Nash with a tearful smile and said, “It doesn’t hurt anymore…”

His lips curled slightly as he leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes to relax.

The Baroque subsidiary branch was at Northjon, the Second Industrial Zone.

Hera, accompanied by Nash and Skadi, hurriedly arrived at the business conference room.

There were office clerks in professional attire tidying up the desks.

Hera looked puzzled and asked, “Where’s Mr. Yates?”

The clerk replied, “Mr. Yates received a phone call and left. He said he’s canceling all collaborations with our company!”

Hera’s face turned pale. “C-Canceling all collaborations?”

She sat on the chair in a daze.

Mr. Yates was a major client of Baroque.

Baroque’s stability relied heavily on Mr. Yates.

How could he cancel all collaborations now?

Was it just because she was late?

Skadi patted Hera’s shoulder and said, “Hera, don’t worry just yet. Mr. Yates is an old client. Even if he wants to cancel all collaborations, he’ll have to inform us in advance. You should call him and apologize first…”

Hera immediately took out her phone and dialed Mr. Yates’ number.

The call was answered, but the other end hung up immediately.

She tried calling again, only for the call to be answered and immediately hung up once more.

She opened WhatsApp and sent Mr. Yates an apology message.

However, only one tick appeared.

Hera felt completely hopeless and said with teary eyes, “Mr. Yates has blocked me. What should I do now?”

Even Skadi furrowed her brows and said, “This shouldn’t be happening. Mr. Yates is a broad-minded and magnanimous person. How could he cancel all collaborations and block you just because you’re late?”

Nash, sitting on the couch, casually asked, “Could someone be manipulating things behind the scenes?”

First, Helena’s family wanted to harm Hera.

Yesterday, they offended the eldest son of the Hills family.

Last night, a Rolls-Royce was parked by the roadside.

The people inside the car were clearly tracking him or Hera.

Hera had quite a few enemies!

“Kai Watson…” Hera suddenly mentioned a name.

Then, she turned to look at Skadi. “Kai is Yates Group’s investor. He must have said something to Mr. Yates!”

Kai was none other than the Watsons’ eldest son, the crown prince of Jonford’s top wealthiest family.

Plus, he was also Helena’s boyfriend.

Yesterday, Hera had a complete falling out with Helena, so she could have asked Kai to cancel the collaboration between Baroque and Yates Group.

It seemed that Helena was trying to push Baroque into a dead end.

Hera clenched her fists, her eyes filled with intense resentment.

“Ms. Lewis, Ms. Helena has arrived!”

The office clerk who was cleaning earlier informed her at the door.

Hera replied coldly, “I’m not seeing her…”

She had just messed with her company, so she was probably here to ridicule her.

“Since she’s here, why not meet her? You’re showing weakness by refusing to face her. It’ll only make her more complacent!”

Nash casually said while folding his legs.

Hera hesitated and looked at Skadi.

She took over the subsidiary company in her sophomore year, and it had only been two and a half years until now.

She was uncertain about many things and would usually consult her father and mother.

It was only when Skadi joined the company that she had someone to make important decisions with.

Skadi nodded and said, “Nash is right. The more she suppresses us, the more we should show fearlessness!”

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